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Trading! or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bazaar!


I get where you come from, but than i’d dare the Question, does this really outweight the negatives? I mean the reason why all this handled in this way isn’t because Devs enjoy to take us away the fun, but rather to do the opposite and they saw how much (negative) impact can something have if you give the player to much freedom. I’d argue (good) Game-Developing-Philosophy isn’t only about the “obvious” leads and / or what tools they give to to player, but also (lead with) stuff hidden behind the Game and you won’t see as players, or don’t get why they exist… like Limitation. They also decide a part of the Game identity and what Vision is behind it… how a game is supposed to be played or how it try’s to avoid it how it shouldn’t be played.

In this case, everyone who have atleast a bit of experience with Online-Games should know in this time and age, how much impact too much freedom for playertraiding can have for Players. For the one(like i pointed out) Game-Design-Decision which comes on the Developer side, where they (might) need to adjust player-droprates and such, so said Feature make sense and gives you value, and how all this can kinda “destroy” the core-part of the Game… like Diablo 3 as they stitll had RMAH… the other side is also the Community or part of the Community, which can also have an Negative Impact… from making a Game so economy-driven that it converts from an fun hack’n’slay grinder to an Trading-Simulator-Management Game up to even more problematic Goldsellers and stuff.

Again i’ve to point out, i’m not in particular against an “Buyout” feature for Bazaar, nor i’m truly against classic limitless playertrading where folks like you can cashout free stuff for newcomers. But sadly even in Gaming-Industry there are some nice stuff we can’t have, because other people would abuse it… and to have, as examples, this overly gold-sellers spamming because it’s easy access for them due limitless playertrading and stuff could honestly something which me (and many others i guess) drive to the offline play…

I really don’t want to be that Guy, who comes up with that arguments, but i’d argue Last Epoc is still it’s own Game and doesn’t neccessary need to do the same as other competitors. In worst case scenario if they don’t see your or better say poe’s way to fit their vision, than you still have PoE to play which cater more towards your needs.

And i’d argue thats pretty arguable and an (subjective) matter of Perspective, because many People, most likely the majority of People, who enjoy this Genre do it for the Item-Hunt a.k.a Grinding. There were many folks who played Diablo 2 for 12 Years(myself included) and never had fun with trading, or further, even touched trading. And if i look at the backlash of Diablo 3, i’d go even as far and dare that majority of people really didn’t like it all, otherwise they wouldn’t have scraped it entirely.

Not saying that there isn’t a (huge) Portion of Players who does enjoy it, but to claim as a fact that Grinding is Boring and Trading is fun… i’m sorry, thats only your opinion and you can’t talk in this subject on behalf of every other player here.


My problem with trading in games it either (almost) needed to actually progress or it’s near useless.

I do find having a limit you can sell at the same time refreshing, would love to test it.
But I do have one request, dont have uber rare items (like poe’s headhunter), I want stuff to be more reasonable findable.

I do understand GGG somewhat in the regard of if you make trading too easy, people use that AH to upgrade their gear iso playing the game.


Yeah i understand what you mean, though (and i think someone pointed already out) i do think in any case bazaar can appeal the crowd / worth it, thanks to the amazing CraftingSystem. If you are unlucky or don’t want to go into that much of depth with Crafting, i’d argue Bazaar could be a good place to look for crafted items you might look for.


What’s wrong with chase items? In fact, I would prefer there is a wider variety of chase items in LE like in POE’s early days, compared to now where only HH remains.


I prefer more attainable items, not the you-just-won-the lottery type of loot. There is a difference in needing to spend weeks if not months to gain a certain gear vs an hour.
Imho there is a thing called being: “too rare”.


I like unrestricted trade on the market, but I prefer it being heavily automated and anonymous.

On another MMO, I ended up spending about 90% of my time staring at the market. On the other hand, I hated the market in PoE so much that I gave up and started playing SSF just so I wouldn’t ever have to deal with it.


They can go ahead and have an even WORSE trading system than PoE (which is itself bad), but all it will mean is they get less players. There’s absolutely no reason to make a better trading system but they refuse.

I’ve only started playing Last Epoch a couple weeks ago, and already, I’ve played PoE more since I started playing than I’ve played Last Epoch. It will probably stay that way if they continue to try to “be their own game” and refuse to do stuff people like. lol


you might want to reorganise your thoughts on that post. It’s incoherent.


You probably meant “no reason NOT to make a better trading system”.

Regarding your opinion on what people like, it is what it is: your opinion.


Yeah typo. My bad. But it was obvious what I meant.

It’s an opinion, sure, but an opinion held by many. Lots of people are complaining about this trade system. There’s a reason no other games have week long auctions only.


GGG argument about tading being bad is (analogy)

We want to encourage people to use our (poorly run, contant breakdown/delay, smelly & crowded) subway, therefore we do not repair the roads, fixed the potholes & broken traffic lights.

Call me crazy, but I think if you want to encourage people to use loot they found/craft, then make loot & crafting better, NOT make Trading worse!