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TOTEMS SHAMAN Last Epoch Build



This is my third Last Epoch build and the most levelled character to date as well. 84+ and still going.

Expected the lack of damage based on community feedback, but managed to run endless monoliths and destroy 95+ waves at level 60. So… IT’S FAR BETTER THAN EXPECTED!

Finished at 120 waves for now and died to heat-seking void arrows which are unavoidable damage. No way to counteract these, unless health regen becomes viable.

This build utilizes three totem types, and while Storm Totem is still bugged and lackluster, Thorn Totem is actually pretty good all around. We will also add Wolves on top, as well as an optional Sabretooth to buff totems further and reach these sneaky monsters hiding in the corners.


love it. leveling was very strong,OP even.


Levelling this myself now, very smooth especially since I “borrowed” the Reach of the Grave from my Acolyte, the totems are both minion + spell which means the Lightning totem is viable as dps rather than just debuff.


The Ancient Power Thorns Totem node actually says “5% less cast speed per point”. Which means it’s a multiplicative modifier, and it gets worse the more points you put in. With 1 point you get 18% more damage but 5% less speed, so (1.18*0.95) = 1,121, only 12.1% increase in damage. With 4 points (1.72*0.8) = 1,376; So you spend 3 more points for only (1,376/1,121) = 22.7% increase in dps.

I recommend you to consider putting all or some of these 3 points into added cold damage.
Well again, that depends on how much minion added damage you have (shaman nodes etc), but the 4th point in Ancient Power only gives 5% increase, I don’t think your added damage counts up to 80.

I’m planning for following split:
20 primalist (attunement, minion spell damage, potions)
34 shaman (attunement, Spell Shaker, Rune of Awe)
25 beastmaster (potions, Aspect of Lamprey, the Chase).
After that, 59 shaman (Protective Circle, Elemental Shrines), 8 druid (attunement)

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