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Totem attack speed

Neither wolves howl or frenzy totems frenzy increases thorn totems attack speed/cast speed is this intentional or bugged?

Do the nodes say minions or companions?

How are you tracking their speed? Is it timed and observed or the stat on your character sheet?

(the character sheet won’t update for these buffs)

They both say all nearby allies and just watching it i can tell the attack speed does not increase. Between the both buffs should be seeing over +60% attack/cast speed

Thanks, I’ll look in to it.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I would say i could be blind, but just doing howl by itself or frenzy totem i can see my minions pick up attack speed easily and together its redicoulous, i should notice something on the thorn totem.

also slight note for the frenzy totem. I am at work so cant look to see the exact wording, but i did take the node on the very bottom that make the buffs work for companions? minions? and not for my actual character. Not sure if that node makes it not work on totems or if its just for the haste buff thats granted. Howl though doesnt have a skill tree so i cant mess that one up.

You can see it in videos as well if you compare buffed and unbuffed state if you look at it frame by frame.

I tested the frenzely totem without the bottom nodes it actually does work my bad

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