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Tornado for primalist

Started a shaman build and it is going pretty good so far. Got up to tornado and was leveling it up and love the skill so far! However I was confused when I seen there is a fire branch in there. What is this about? Shaman has no fire skills. They are lightning/cold based so this does not synergies well with the current shaman skills.

Is there a plan to retool this skill to have more synergy? There is already lightning in the skill tree was thinking there should be something cold there like protection stripping or chill chance. Not really sure just feels so out of place to have fire in there.

Thanks for reading!


Asked myself the same question. Since it changes the physical to fire it at least then synergizes with +elemental damage%, but…meh. And the ignites behind that are even more strange, I think it’s the only way of igniting Things as Primalist, there are no Fire Nodes at all and nothing…
Especially since other spells like thorn burst, entangling roots etc. are physical as well, I think avalanche is too.
Which I find a bit odd, why do the spells of both druid and shaman have a big Focus on physical damage?
I think I would Change Tornado into a lightning or cold spell, remove the fire line to something else (multiple, smaller tornadoes, or several tornadoes can merge together, creating a bigger one (see D2 Druid for that :smiley: )).
And while we’re at it, I would reconsider Vale Spirit and Totems as minions. I Need to Level my Tornado shaman more to know my final opinion on that, but it’s a bit strange that you basically have to Level your storm totem as pure Shock/Stun Totem if you want to do damage by spells, because you can’t properly put Spell Damage, Minion Damage and Defenses on your gear all at once.

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Yea I was thinking along the lines of d2 drud as well! Just a note totems are minions. They have that tag. I am currently working on a frost shammy and he is pretty good so far will be streaming some more content of this in a bit here.

I just think that the skill trees should have a synergy with what said class already uses. I mean I noticed a lot of melee nodes in the shaman tree. This also confused me. If you are playing shammy you are not looking to be in melee range as the gear builds would be lacking in that department.

Anyhow I would love hear from a dev about the Tornado skill :smiley:


I’m actually currently leveling a toon to try a melee shaman fire tornado with the Eye of Reen legendary sword. Primalist can apply shocks easily enough which should help the damage though I haven’t tried any ignite builds yet so I can’t be sure.

Tornado already has lightning options, and avalanche will cover the cold damage. I feel it’s nice to at least have one option to try something with fire.

Yeah, what I meant was if Vale Spirit and Totems may be better off as Spells instead of Minions. At least my pet shaman doesn’t really work out either :slight_smile:
Because that’s the thing, even when you build up cold or lightning damage, it doesn’t count for your totems since they only profit from minion stats. And there aren’t that many minion nodes in shaman either, and some even are “lightning melee damage for you and your minions”, which doesn’t work with your storm totem.
So, for Totems being the specialty of a shaman, having totems as your main source of damage doesn’t really work out that well. I wonder if that was the vision for shamans, that you cast a lot of totems as support and then either melee or cast direct spells, or if there simply is some stuff missing.
Another thing is that there are only three totems at the moment, and only one of them can be cast more than once, making it absolutely mandatory for shamans. But it’s the Physical/Poison Totem :sweat_smile: Yeah it has a cold transformation tree, but still, the storm totem is much more iconic for shamans IMHO.

Well, there can be Melee Shamans, as Lightning as well. I’m a caster guy so it’s not for me, but as long as there are also caster builds, I’m fine with melee nodes :slight_smile:

I’m not sure, maybe Shamans having a melee, caster, minion, and gimmicky fire route to take, either with cold or lightning is too much to give him enough synergies for each single route. That’s why maybe totems are better off as spells :thinking:

(It’s really sad that shamans don’t get a chain lightning btw, did the mage HAVE to have a lightning route as well? :stuck_out_tongue: )

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