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[Tool] Spreadsheet for theory-crafting items

Hey hey people,

This is basically a copy/paste from my thread on the /r/LastEpoch subreddit.
Yesterday night (well to be precise, very early in the morning today) I made a spreadsheet for theory-crafting items. Here’s the link to it:

New update: Actually displays correct calculations now. Sorry to everyone I mislead since the 12th of May.

You can always make a copy to your own account to edit it.

So how does this work?

  • Input a base value in the cyan-colored cell
  • Choose the affix level in the drop down list
  • Choose whether or not you would use a glyph

That’s it, simple as that.

Now you’ll quickly notice how to effectively use the Glyph of Stability if you play around a bit and try to understand why this and why that. 1 to 7 multiplied by the tier of the affix, on and on and you’ll quickly break the oops barrier.

I would recommend against tinkering with the values outside of the cyan cell, unless you know what you’re doing or you can improve the sheet. Something which I invite anyone to do, as there might be mistakes in it.

So, if you see any mistakes, please do tell so I can fix them ASAP and replace the link here. Don’t expect express updates from me since I’ll be away all week, but once again, please go on ahead and upload your own improved version if you want to (not like I got a patent for this).

With that said, the sheet has been made so that the only thing that would have to be changed are the values on the left side of the sheet. Tried to make it future-proof, now time will tell.

Thank you for your time and your interest in this. Hope this will serve you well. Of course, to the Discord server as well (shoutout to ChiefShonah on the forums and In-game, forgot about posting this on the forum). And thank you to the team at Eleventh Hour Games for making Last Epoch, wish you guys the best of luck and hope all is well.

Here’s the reddit thread:

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On my phone so I haven’t checked out the spreadsheet. Noticed you mention ‘1-7’ in relation to glyphs of stability. The glyph was changed in the last patch and the tool tip in crafting window hasn’t changed yet.

Yes, this is taken into account.

Problem is, and I think it’s a worse one, there’s a big issue with how tiers are calculated and it’s making the whole crafting sheet useless right now. I’ll be able to fix it once I get home tonight. I’d recommend anyone to not use it as is, but I’d welcome any attempt to try to fix this big mistake before I make another one trying to do so.

EDIT: Well as it turns out it’s the -1 at the end of the first formulae that fucks up everything. No idea why exactly. Since this isn’t accurate anymore (but it works) I’ll now try to add the substraction without fucking everything up but that shouldn’t take too long.
Since I don’t have much to do right now and we have free reign once work is done… Hopefully will be done quickly.

EDIT2: Well I’m a big dum dum, things are a lot more fucked than I thought. Right now I’m stuck trying to make everything work again but I don’t understand what’s wrong with the formulas anymore.

EDIT3: Fixed, working, finally! Will update the sheet this afternoon when I’m home.

EDIT4: Done and done. Also updated for the update of today that just dropped

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