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Toggle voice on skill failure

I recently started a maelstrom build, which i’m having a lot of fun with. I prefer the instant cast variation, that simply allows me to hold that button down. The only issue with this, is my guy yelling “Impossible!” non stop, because I’m trying to activate it while on cooldown. It gets very old, very quick. I went ahead and muted voice, but i like all the other voices. I would love to see some type of option to toggle these types of error messages on and off, for the sake of my sanity.

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Same issue, different skill: Rebuke (Sentinel) is a channeled skill that goes on cooldown immediately as the channel finishes. Holding down the button to the end of the channel always procs the “I can’t do that” audio cue.

Your suggestion is one way to deal with the issue. But the root of the problem is something different. There are some nice skills that act like an aura but only last for a short duration. Some have the ability to stack, some have an effect when they expire. But even with skill nodes that increase duration it can get uncomfortable after some time.

I’d like to have an option for automatic recast. This could be a little checkbox below the skill on the action bar. You can activate it by mouse click or by double tapping the related key for the skill. The recast would last as long as you uncheck but could be disrupted when getting cc’ed (stun, fear, etc.) or oom. In this case the skill has to manually be reactivated by a single click or tap and would instantly start recasting again.

This option should only be available on skills that act like an aura or buff/debuff. Active damage skills should not be “recastable”

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