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Today I learned, or, 2 bugs with the Lagon fight!

So, Lagon has 2 Sentinel-specific bugs (@Supermang)

  • Forged Weapons from Forge Strike won’t appear on the ledge with you when you fight Lagon, instead they appear to appear wherever Lagon’s base is & can fight him from there. It’s kinda ok in that they can still damage him, but not ok because they should be on ledge with you & you wouldn’t be able to benefit from their ward gen if you take that node, nor would you be able buff them or heal them or anything. 2 Forged Weapons, doing damage but not on the ledge:
  • Additionally, if your cursor is over the edge (because you’re meleeing Lagon), you can’t cast Devouring Orb, despite having the Dark Moon node that Makes them orbit you. This is probably due to the logic that checks whether you can cast a spell isn’t updated to account for Dark Moon’s change to the skill. Prior to taking Dark Moon, Devouring Orb is a ground targetted spell, so if there’s no ground available (as is the case with Lagon if you’re hovering over his body) you shouldn’t be able to cast it.