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Time Rot damage are too low

Hello !

I am always super sad to see that Time Rot damage are extremely low. There are a few affixes/items that boost it but since Time Rot is really underwhelming, it makes those bonus kind of useless. I am sad because it is a cool ailment that the VK could specialize in. The fact that you can get a lot of %chance to apply Time Rot while this ailment can’t stack is a bit pointless… I think Time Rot should be stackable so that damage could become significant and give a purpose to have lot %chance to apply Time Rot. The damage part should stack at least, the other debuff from the ailment could be unchanged for example.

Hey… Agree that it doesnt do much damage but I always saw it as a debuff rather than anything like a DoT (e.g. Bleed) which does damage primarily…

Edit: still bit bleh imho… and yes the multitude of ways you can apply it does sort of beg that it is better…