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Time Rot chance (with Warpath) seems to be off

I noticed that I don’t apply Time Rot as often as I should with Warpath. I got 18% from the skilltree (Apoclypes Whirl 3/5), 40% from Void Knight passives (Rot Grip 5/5, Time Legion 5/5) and 46% from Idols. Thi puts me above 100%. But some testing on the training dummy and mobs showed that I apply it with roughly 50% of my Warpath hits. Is there a diminshing return or some unknown things that go into calculation or is it a bug?

It’s probably halving the application chance from the passives/gear/skill nodes. Not sure if it’s a bug, since Warpath states it halves the chance to apply ailments (which is what Time Rot is).

That makes sense, ty. Never saw the halved ailment chance until now. Still a little disappointing since WP damage is rather low compared to other skills and Abyssal Tempest’s “150% more damage vs time rotting” seemed to be a decent way to crank it up a little. If you can’t get it to 100% (200% I should say) it isn’t nearly as effective. But lets see how things turn out, maybe WP will get some love eventually.

Don’t forget that Warpath hits at twice your normal attack speed, so yes, you may only have 50% chance to inflict Time Rot, but you’re hitting twice as fast as normal so you’re just as likely to get it proc’d in a given timeframe.

I hear you, it’s not like it takes forever until it procs, but every now and then you get unlucky and your first 5-6 hits go without a proc. And that you can feel in terms of kill speed.
Anyhow, upon further thought, I wonder if Apocalypse Whirl already takes WPs halved ailment chance into account. So if I put 3 points into it and get 18%, are those 18% still halved or not? I mean it counts for WP only, not for other skills, so the node should “know” that its skill has a halved ailment chance…if you know what I mean…

It’s difficult to tell, you’d be at 61% if Apocalypse Whirl isn’t halved or 52% if it is. If you wanted to test it, you should try maxing Apocalypse Whirl, then you’d be at 68%compared to 52% which should be a bit more obvious.

Gonna do that and report here

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Hit the dummy 200 times with WP, ended up inflichting TR 115 times while having a chance of 116%. 115/200 = 57,5%, amlost spot on (116/2 = 58), so I would say Apocalypse Whirl also only gets 50% of its value.

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