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Tier 7 Affix Item Drop Clarification

  1. Do T7 Affix Items Drop at Character Level 90 or Area Level 90?

  2. Can they drop in the Arena as well as the MOF (or is it just one or the other)?

  3. Edit: Does the (Scaling have any effect on this)? For example, if you are doing the level 55 MoF Path as a level 90 character so the area is “scaled” to 90. Can T7 drop?

Any drop ranges are determined by mob level. I am not 100% sure if mob level need to be exactly 90 to drop or just close to it.

Arena is still scaled, so if you are 90 or close to it it can drop.

MoF is scaled so it can drop in all timelines that are 90+

I believe it said in patch notes that Monolith no longer scales and I’m pretty sure its based on the MOB’s level not your character level. So level 90+ timelines in Monolith and I think Arena scales so your character need to be level 90.(Someone correct me if I’m wrong on Arena scaling)

I just dropped a purple 2h staff in a monolith timeline 55.
So, might be lower level than 90.

Was it in the chest at the end? In the Transition area? From my experience that thing can drop anything related to your characters level.

I did never drop a T7 item in any timeline below lvl 90. Maybe i havn’t done enough, since T7 is very very rare. But i am currently sitting at 500+ Echoes completed.

I checked again, and it do was a purple staff, but a T6… My bad.

Yeah T6 is pretty “common” relatively and also you can get those pretty early. But the whole system as a whole is still kinda new and we all need to get used to it.

Feel free to post some of your treasure on my Thread if you want.

Sorry for my shameless plug here, but i like to be amazed by awesome loot drops.
Still have some treasure to post there, but wanted to wait for other people first.^^

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