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Throwing Attack Damage Shards available?

Hi there,

I want to know if there are still “Throwing Attack Damage” Shards in this game since the new update (0.7.10b)? I started a new Shield Throw Sentinel (Lvl 45 now) and I still haven’t found any of these Shards. I also have found only one Item with the “increased throwing attack” affix on it. Do I need to get a higher Level to find them, or did the devs reduce the drop chance?

Greetings Nahlef

Have you changed the lootfilter to highlight each and every item that drops with that affix?

the affix is not that rare.
I think at that level I already stopped picking them up all the time because i couldnt sustain the shattering

I haven’t tested the lootfilter yet. I get every Item showed on the ground.
I can try it by highlighting the items with this affix. With any other Char at this level I got lots of Shards/Items with throwing attack damage in the past. But since this new update I haven’t found any of them.

Throwing damage affixes are only availible on specific item types. Flat damage can be found on rings, amulets (not 100% on relics atm). The there are increased theowing damage affixes on gloves and relics.

Highlighting everything throwing related is the best approach. Lootfilter is your best friend :laughing:

Especially with determination of the rarity of affixes.

Hey… Most of the throwing shards are Uncommon with only the Critical Strike Chance one being Very Rare and needing maps >=lvl55 to drop.

You should have plenty of the Uncommon ones by lvl 45.

Khastro is right about the lootfilter… you should use it to highlight things you are looking for… Its imho the best thing about update 7.10.


Any jewellery for the flat added fire damage & rings only for the flat phys/mana cost reduction affix.