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Throwing Att Crit Inc VS S.T. Crit Inc Affixes

Is there a difference between “Throwing Attack Critical Strike Chance” and “Increased Shield Throw Critical Strike Chance”?

I noticed the Throwing Dmg version is an INCREASE and the S.T. one is ADDED, so does the added mean just str8 up increase to the base crit chance (4+20=24) and the INCREASED is a percent increase to base crit (4x20%=4.8)?

5% added crit simply add 5% crit to your 5% base crit and result in 10% crit. Crit strike chance is mutlipicative.

Is there ever a reason to go above 100% crit chance? Since enemies and players can get 100% crit avoidance would you want to reach 200% crit chance to have an actual 100% crit chance?

Otherwise it’s odd to have 2 affixes that increase crit chance…and the one that says ‘added’ goes above 100%

if you’re building for crit, you need to have both.

example: if you have 5% crit chance (base level), 100% increased crit chance brings you to 10% crit chance. alternatively, +5% crit chance (added to a base 5% chance) also brings you to 10%. if you combine the two, it brings you to 20%. adding to your base crit chance is the most impactful change, but it’s difficult to stack for most builds, so you need some %inc to reach 100% crit chance.

You’re not listening to the question. I know the difference between multipliers and additives…I’ll figure out the 2 myself in game. 2 affixes in the data files are telling me that enemies can have 100% crit avoidance

my mistake, i focused on the wrong part of what you said. i’m not sure how enemy crit avoidance works. considering that we can apply multiple stacks of ailments with over 100% ailment chance, what you said might make sense.

i haven’t done a full crit build and i don’t currently have the gear for one, but i was thinking i might do one in the near future. if i can get to the point with it where i can test out this theory, i’ll get back to you.

100% crit chance is max. Everything above 100% is useless. Same goes for crit avoidence and glancing blow everything above 100% is useless.

Though it’s an interesting question, is enemy crit avoidance multiplicative like ours is (50% crit avoidance halves their chance to crit, regardless of what that is) or additive (so if they had 125% chance to crit that 50% CA would take you down to 75% crit chance). It’s probably multiplicative because why add in special mechanics for the mobs version of a thing.

But OP, yes, small crit chance affixes (ie, +1%) add to the base & larger ones (ie, +25%) increase that base, as you say.

A dev already answered this for me when I was wondering about it because I tested a 150% crit chance werebear :). More then 100% crit chance is pointless.

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