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Thoughts on a Lightning Disintegrate Build?

Ive been thinking about trying this out but i figured i would see if others have tried it first and how it worked out. I was thinking about going Disintegrate, Black Hole, Lightning Blast, Teleport, Flame ward. Let me know if this is a bad or good idea and tell me why

Desintegrate was not in a very good spot before patch 0.7.8. It got some buffs, recently regarding damage. But I don’t know how the new mana drain works on it.

It’s been a while when I specced into this. So maybe some things changed since then. But here are my thoughts:

Combining Desintegrate with Lightning Blast is good. Wasnt there a node on the tree that procs Lightning Blast directly while channeling?

Damage and Resistance while channeling are your main affixes then. Theres a Ring Liath’s Signet, that grands 100% GB when channeling. So you don’t need GB on items.

To maximize damage output with Desintegrate you want to use the right side of the tree with the “upgrade to a higher tier” nodes. So the longer you channel the more damage you do.

Also twin beams is good.

The mana drain and the cost of black hole both will eat your mana in seconds. So I’d suggest you put Focus into your load out. Also I am not sure if black hole is the go to cc spell here. It has a very long cooldown. You have to invest a lot into cooldown reduction (top of sorcerer passive tree and on teleport) to make good use of it. Maybe Snap Freeze is a better alternative. It freezes for sure and has a relatively short cooldown.

Also it might be a good idea to invest into the cold passives that freeze enemies around you when you get hit. As a channeling character you will stand in place a lot what makes you vulnerable.

Channeling abilities are hard to play endgame wise because of their lack of mobility. With Myltiplayer this might change. Solo it’s hard.

Also my opinion us that if you wanna go the channeling route with Lightning that Lightning Nova would be a better choice than desintegrate. More damage, significantly larger aoe.

I play my Lightning mage with nova and blast. Nova for creeps, Lightning blast for single targets (with convergence and hyper charge you will melt every big guy in seconds). In addition I have focus, teleport and flame ward.

Yes, you can proc Lightning Blast with Disintegrate. My main disappointment with Disintegrate is that it’s got the DoT tags, so it can’t crit, nor can it proc ailments outside of it’s skill tree. Plus the combination of range/aoe & damage was disappointing when compared to other chanelling skills like Ele Nova.

I’ve not tried it after the changes though.

I’m not the most expert player, but I’ve been eyeing Disintegrate for a while now. It’s not a super popular spell, so there’s a lot of unexplored build options. While I haven’t played around with it since 7.8 released, here are, in no particular order, some things to look out for:

  • One of the nodes in the Arcane Ascendance tree removes its mana drain at the cost of limiting how many spells you can cast while it is active. Another reduces the global mana cost of spells but prevents mana regeneration. Starting a channeled spell counts as only one cast and removes mana regeneration anyway, so this may be of value.

    • Disintegrate cannot benefit from on-hit effects, so on-hit effects provided by Arcane Ascendance would only trigger from Lightning Blast, if you have Disintegrate specced to proc it.
    • I do not know if Lightning Blast procced from Disintegrate counts towards Arcane Ascendence’s cast spell limit.
  • Disintegrate’s Twinbeam beams each count as a separate instance of Disintegrate for the purposes of proccing effects. Of particular note: Twinbeam allows you to proc Lightning Blast twice as often.

    • I don’t know the range of procced Lightning Blast, and have previously had difficulty aiming it and getting it to strike distant targets.
  • If your chosen mastery is Sorcerer, you’ll have access to the Dragon Mage passive, which makes using an elemental skill temporarily increase a different type of elemental damage: lightning skills increase cold damage, cold skills increase fire damage, and fire skills increase lightning damage. The Mirror Breath passive reverses this order, so fire skills increase cold damage instead, etc. I do not know if this requires spells to be actively cast, but for the following points, I will assume that it can activate off of passively cast spells, such as procced Lightning Blasts.

    • If you want lightning damage Disintegrate specifically, you can have this on at all times with the passive Rune of Winter in the base Mage tree. It will convert Lightning Blast to a cold spell without additional specialization in the Lightning Blast tree itself, so your procced Lightning Blasts will automatically maintain the Dragon Mage buff. You would need Mirror Breath for this, however.
    • The passive Dragon Breath increases elemental status chance by the same rules-- fire skills increase lightning skill shock chance, and so forth. Disintegrate can’t benefit from on-hit effects, but Dragon Breath doesn’t specify that its bonus is on-hit; I don’t know for sure if it works with Disintegrate, but it may be worth investigating.
  • A unique off-hand item called Ignivar’s Head does a number of potentially useful things. Of note:

    • “Disintegrate deals more damage equal to your crit chance.” This allows disintegrate to benefit, for example, from the Crackling Precision passive at its doubled value.
    • “Cast Fire Aura every two seconds while channeling.” This would keep the Dragon talents active for the lightning element at all times, without having to spec Mirror Breath, which in turn would allow you to skip Rune of Winter and let your Lightning Blast benefit from your Elec Damage affixes and passives, and so forth.
  • Lightning Blast has a passive “Closed Circuit,” which allows Lightning Blast to chain to allies (including yourself) to buff their damage and crit chance. This buff can stack. Consider this in combination with Disintegrate proccing, the second proc from Twinbeam, and the multicast chance from Over- and Hypercharge.

    • This skill does require Lightning Blast chain to you, so it will not work if specced into Convergence. I do not know if taking both Convergence and Divergence allows you to circumvent this. I suspect it does not, but consider experimenting.
    • While you cannot hit yourself directly with Lightning Blast to gain the buff, it is currently possible to have Lightning Blast chain off of nothing and hit you anyway. I have been previously told this is a bug, but was still possible as of… 7.8.c, I think?
      • If you’re feeling particularly rowdy, it is technically possible to access Static and spec it to proc Lightning Blast, too. This would require investment into the Spellblade tree, however; you may find your passives better spent elsewhere.
  • A unique sceptre called Culvinar’s Claim does a number of potentially useful things. Of note:

    • Greatly increased spell lightning damage and spell lightning crit chance,
    • Slightly increased mana regeneration, which may or may not stack usefully with Focus, and
    • 100% of mana converted to ward when you reach full mana.
    • Now I’m a big weirdo, because if nobody likes Disintegrate, negative people like its Laser Focus spec. But if you want to make a bad decision worse, the recent changes mean speccing Twinbeam, Laser Focus, and 4 Hyperfocus can grant up to 80 mana per second, comparable to the Focus spell’s benefits. A Laser Focus build such as this is my white whale, but if you can slay the beast first, by all means.
  • Most importantly:

    • Have fun! There’s no better way to play a game.

If any of this has been useful in any way, I absolutely do not believe you. Lemme know how it goes! Genuinely eager to find out.


The problem with Ignivar’s head:

  • The chance to ignite is On Hit, while Disintegrate does not hit

  • You’re missing out on the opportunity to wield 2h staff, which can have a powerful “of Meditation” suffix. This can give you up to 675 to Armour and all protections

  • Only makes sense if you go Fire Disintegrate route, while OP is specifically looking for Lightning Disintegrate.

Wow I just came across your comment and I’m starting a disintegrate build now. So much information! Thank you!

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This is a lightning version of disintegrate


Hey man I love watching your videos! Thanks for all your contributions to the LE community and keep up the great work

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Just jumping in to say I got a lightning disentigrate mage thats super fun I love it.

Its primarily using disentigrate to generate mana and procc lightning blast and give 35% dmg reduction while allowing us to profit from 100% GB (unique ring) and ultra protections (protection while channeling suffix).

Main dmg source beside first lightning blast is Static specced into lightning blast as well, generating static points when hit (which we will be a lot but we can take it) and some points into +25 static charges, more charge when moving and “shock enemys when hit” on the left side.

Then we take the new skill that locks you in place (which, frankly, we’re anyways locked in^^), specced into +% spell dmg and guess what: lightning blast. Then one can take the “no mana drain but 4 skills usable” node that reduces cooldown to 2 seconds. We also want that 250% shock chance since we have so many lightnings around us… And we want “increased movement speed after breaking the stance” and some cast speed, since moving fast between channeling is the way to kill fast and stay alive and alert!

Add flame ward specced into full ward and dmg reduction (additional 40% and over 1000 ward) and 2 possible charges on the left upper side, or specc into more duration, less ward and retaliation and lightning damage (since we love getting hit at anyways). Also take the “cast when being stunned” node since that is literally the one thing you dont really like, since channeling is what makes this shizzle work.

Lightning blast gets procceded 3 times this way while we’re standing there, we have unlimited mana resources. I specced lightning blast into lightning aegis (another 25% dmg reduction), and quadruple cast chance, plus fork and the left middle side for dmg and crit and stuff.

with the last skill that we dont speccialize in:

Teleport - we can move freely while in the stance, without breaking it, since we are not “moving” but teleporting, so we’re remaining a “blast” so to speak on the go hehe.

Im at 220 life reg and 650 life atm, with 55-60% protections while channeling and 100% GB, and 98% crit avoidance. We want to avoid dodge since we need getting hit to recharge static and procc some stuff. Atm 30% crit chance. Im lvl 65ish, so with upcoming equipment I will add another 150% life reg, some more 100-250 life and im still missing those idol pieces, where you can get up to 160% chance to gain 30 ward when hit, and lots of other tasty stuff ( another 160% lightning spell crit chance). And im still missing the upper nodes on passive tree, that is 100% crit chance, 50% multi, freeze enemys around you when hit (this will be super awesome!) and such tasty stuff.


Basically you want to stand as close to your enemys and channel disentigrate and activate stance.

This will cast 3x lightning blast, with a chance to double cast or quadruble-cast… So, with enough crit, you’ll see all yellow numberd and enemys melting away!

When you need to reposition, you can teleport to the next big mob (smalls melt away anyway), and you can do this 1-2 times before the stance breaks.

Flame ward whenever you feel its necassary, or before you stop channeling to reposition (either move =ultra fast due to “movement on stance end buff”, or teleport), because thats when you’re actually vulnerable (stop channeling).

With 100% GB, crit avoidance and protection while channeling, you’ll have a good feeling for how your health is performing, and with 200-300 life reg/sec or so, there’s little surprises for you like big one hits or smth. When there’s lots going on, its literally best to stand there and dish dmg and flame ward than to move an inch and break the channeling/stance.

Add some %of dmg leeched and you’re even more fine (which I havnt yet).

I crit for 1,5-3k each blast, and I’m only 35 points into the sorceress tree and yet need all the +adapt spell dmg and the +crit multi nodes, and yet need to craft me a good high lvl staff… Rest of my gear is T16-18 with most T5’s and one T1-3 on each piece.

Might add a video when I have time and some want to see in action! I love it :heart_eyes:

Its super fun, it kills

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