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Thorn totem - what do charges actually do?

I’m having a discussion with a friend regarding what the charges on thorn totem actually are. Are charges a)how many totems you can spam at once (before they regen via the cooldown) or b)how many “reloads” the totems get (hence more charges mean they fire for longer).

I ask because sometimes my thorn totems don’t fire at mobs that approach them after the initial wave of mobs have died (so I cast them on a pack, pack dies, a few seconds pass and if a new mob/pack approaches the totems they don’t always start firing thorns). If the charges relates to how many total shots/casts a totem can take (option b) then that would mean that the Grove Mind node basically front-weights your damage by reducing the total number of shots the totems can take but having all the totems summoned at once and therefore firing at once.

Edit: But if charges only relate to how many totems you can drop down at once then the totems not always firing at mobs that are a bit tardy at turning up to the party would be a bug.

It would be nice if thorn totem’s UI explained what charges were somewhere.

Its how many you can summon before you have to wait for cooldown before summoning a new one. Its just the number of charges and number of totems are the same. Grove mind makes all totems get summoned at once and removes the charges based on the text.

The totems stop firing thing I never seen myself but then I never taken the increased duration node.

That’s what I thought it was supposed to mean. The totems stopping firing thing is confusing as it’s intermittent, it’s not as if they do it all the time.

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