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Thorn Totem questions


Hi all,

I’m trying out Thorn Totem, and got a few questions:

  • Can multiple thorn from the same “salvo” hit the same ennemy ?
  • If not, can multiple totems hit the same enemy if they fire at the same time ?
  • If not, what’s the use of the skill tree path that augments the amount of thorns and fires them in a smaller cone ? I would think shotgunning would be the main purpose of this for better single target.

Thanks for anyone who knows that info :slight_smile:


The guided thorns node says in the extra info ‘multiple thorns still cannot hit the same target’ so I guess they cant. As such the smaller spread is just to improve the chance that the totem will hit it target plus it a lot cheaper to get than Guided Thorns point wise.


In my experience, multiple thorns from a single volley CAN hit the same target, and I do so frequently. I use the heat seeking though, so maybe that changes it? That node alone changed it from a garbage-tier skill to a decent 6/10. Dropping 5 at once raised it a few points :slight_smile:


@SlaserX guided thorns is the name of the heat seeking node and the extra info part says it cant hit the same target multiple times.

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