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This is not diversification or a huge range of chose ..developing your character!

Ok all games want to let players be unique and is good ,allot of classes and combo of skills but of course gear and stats/specials/mastery/skills

BUT … when u have …just 2 example from like 200

for crit : multiplier critical , base critical, critical chance, normal critical ,spell critical,melle critical OMFG…

for armor : block armor, block chance , armor block mitigation ,block protection, armor protection…

These are not a huge area for players to chose and be more uniq , these are non senses that only a dev can know or a damn nerd that stay and test weeks and months how every diminutive of a word that mean something in this game work.

Change this simple , put simple
: crit melle/range and crit spell, then put armor and block chance, put mitigation,put resilience,put resistence BUT dont destroy our mind with all gazilion afflixes for no reason.

We players we can min/max on gear/skills/masteries and we will be unique and jsut like all players want to be, make a simple system that will work because atm a new player need at least hundreds of hours just test and gamble how those gazillion aflixes of stats work:/

change this ugly and hard sistem and make it simple, i am an old mmorpg gamer from anarchy online/asheran call etc …but this still so clumsy and time consuming 2 know every small thing regarding stats and how they work

I forgot to tell you …I was an avid player of Diablo II back in time and i remember ive got a barb lvl 98 on hardcore ( ful inv with leech rings :smiley: and legit body armor etheral ,i miss the name but people sell it for 1k $ back in time ) and a sorc 95 with Tal Rasha set for magic find, beside that i was from the first 5 in my country got Windfury bow on my amazon on normal nad i was rank 1 many monts …so yeah I was in this business for long time before.

PS: Developers of this game need to make it simple,make thing easy and simple but same time to allow people have the free of choice just in real life …OR there will be JUST a handful of people ( alpha/beta players that study this game form at least 1 year) that will be successful ,and all the frustration of the 99% (the majority of players) will just hurt and hit this game for no reason.


He’s not wrong…

You need “critical strike” as a prefix…not 6 types of critical strike. It is way too redundant and needlessly complex and monotonous.
You need " increase health %" as a suffix…not 3 types of health affixes
Same with dodge, same with protections, same with armor.

Streamline and consolidate your affixes and come up with some fun ones that we can use instead of what we have now.

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Both of these systems are really simple, your making it out harder than it really is
First, There are only 3 crit chances not the 5 you listed and they are simple
Critical Chance (Any skill that doesnt have a spell/melee tag)
Spell Critical Chance (any skill thats a spell, it will say its a spell in its description)
Melee Critical Chance (any melee skill)

Hmm that was to hard to understand. Next
Critical Strike Muiltipley (how much your normal attack is multiplied when you do crit)
Ok, solved that mystery

Now for your armor, you definitely made this harder than it needs to be, the game does the work for you.

Block chance (Percent chance you will block an attack)
Thats it.
Now if you do block all those mitigations you read is actually the game tell you what % of damage you reduce the attack to.
Block Armor - Amount of armor added to armor on block
Block Protection - Amount of protection added to protection you were hit with on block
Ok, thats it. Simple. I think maybe just read the tooltips when you hover over them and all be explained.

Why would we only want the option to increase health by %… Then we couldnt actually add health to the base. The current system is good the way it is. Its meant to make you think hmm which is better… i could put % health on item and use passive points on added health, instead of added health and increased health on items and passives for damage and since i have an extra s;pot now since health is a passive and i can put on a resistance, hmm which one am i lacking to add on. Yes this game makes you think and tweak things around trying to find that optimal balance of power and defence.

It is actually a global stat, so it works for both melee attacks and spells. It means you can double up, if you need/want.

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My preference is they increase health gained per level by a significantly higher amount to compensate. I just didnt add that in my response. I think health gained from 1 to 100 is way too low when comparing it to damage gained and I think it becomes harder to add epic fights to the game with dots and bleeds etc on us from bosses mobs etc because health currently is so low at level 50 lets say. Im thinking like 2k min health for level 50 and like 5k min for level 100. And add health affix based on that. Again that is just my preference. Everything else gains exponentially as you level…which it should. Why doesnt health ?

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Boardman u just dont realy understand here what is all about.
there are things out there ingame that need to be simplified , even Me as an old mmo/arpg gamer need to take like homeworks allot and allot…WHY ? i begin to play this game from about 1 week and ive play so much and I strugle to learn all those things .

ATM i play same time Eve/Wow/Outscape and some CCG card game and i still try to manage to understand how and why/waht those aflixes of stats do and when ?!

I am not a nub Gad dam it and is till strugle to learn all those things …and that is ONLY for only one subclass (spellblade) if i talk anbout paladin or druid OMG !>!>!?? ima gona have my head blow for sure

So dont try to explain waht is not here to be explained , I want a simple set of things like most of arpg/nnos games out there .

Devs need to make it simple or there will be JSUT a handful of people ( alpha/beta players that study this game form at least 1 year) that will be succesful ,and the frustration of the 99% the majority will hurt the game.

PS: and now I stay and I stay and i stay to think how i can increase my crit and how i can manage to block with toon!!! i put all points in crit and nothign happen ( not even shown on stats of my character) , my shield is worthles beside than my 2 hand weapon on block …so eyah this is soo fu…ed up, we need in this game something legit/straigt/simple and for all people to easy understand ;/
is this to much to ask ?? I think not

In your opinion…
I too think there are a bit too many affixes, prefixes and suffixes.

+1 :slight_smile:

And you all wonder why theres no build diversity.

Alright everyone we’ve narrowed down your choices on armor to STR, INT, or HEALTH
Make careful decisions!!

I stand corrected :stuck_out_tongue:

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Who says there is no build diversity? The choices are in the abilities and their trees as well as the stats on gear. I don’t think a “zillion” *fixes will be the main factor in build diversity because most people tend to pick the builds that are perceived as the best anyway. If there aren’t 50 prefixes and suffixes to take into account the average player might be more inclined to come up with builds themselfs.

I mean f.e. Block armor, Block chance and block protection could be made into 1 easy to use prefix :slight_smile: Health regen per second or Health regeneration? Those could become 1 too maybe.

A(nother) pass to see if a few *fixes could be merged or dropped isn’t a bad thing imho.

Sometimes this forum baffles me. Flat health and health % is too much for you? Different crit chance affixes for melee and spells are overwhelming? This must be the first modern ARPG for most of you. Both Path of Exile and Grim Dawn have way more and they are also way more popular than this game so I don’t believe the people playing them are suddenly getting brain aneurysm because of the amount of text they need to read and understand.

[post moderated —Sarno]

simplify things are good for everyone to have a toon of sufix/aflixes of stats that impact character develepment are so important but atm they are a to much of a hustle.

waht i say is we need things alitle more simplified and easy to learn but same time yo give us allot of option in develop our toon.

PS: as for my englis , you shuld try to learn to read maybe, beside that is not my first language so i dont care.
just stay on track with the post meaning and dont try to go in the flame area ,as you type more correct than me …fo real no one care or is interested in that …just stay on topic and you will be fine :wink:

Most people don’t want to think anyway. They look for a build they like and play it and there will be a meta for sure because some things are simply stronger then others or work in a more pleasent way for the user.

There is just no way to avoid this because some stuff simply don’t work and it’s easy to see on LE. Almost everyone runs arround in the same base armor, unless a specific unique is needed, uses the same base class of weapons and so on and so forth. Same goes for skills. If I want to play a bear druid the path to go is pretty clear and obvious and you can’t play something outside the box if you want to be effective.


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