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This game needs a loot filter yesterday

Just spent 480K at the gambler trying to get a craftable Composite Staff. In that span I only got 4 (and all 4 fractured with over 96% chance to succeed) No one is going to sit there and look at every single item that drops to see if a desired item base with craftable affixes dropped.
And the gambler is well just risking your coins.
I would easily go 20+ refreshes without even seeing a single Composite staff. Plus it’s implicit has way to high of a range to roll (especially with how rare it seems to be at the gambler)

So please for the love of peoples sanity, give us a loot filter.


Lootfilter is coming before release. Just not done, yet.
It’s EHGs choice to prioritize their tasks internally.


I also wish a loot filter would come sooner. The game is actually quite playable now and the QoL with a loot filter surpasses even tab tabs or even further endgame options at this stage.

But these devs have shown they do not work haphazardly, so I am sure there must be good reasons (perhaps technical frameworks) that need to be put in place for loot filter to be implemented, and hence why it’s phase 4. I could only wish it comes sooner rather than later.


yeah loot filter is definitely needed more then stash tabs. Right now this game has the worst gearing system of any game I’ve ever played. Crafting is good if you could actually find gear to craft.
So over the gambler as way to gear up, guess I’ll check back once they release a loot filter.


Then (no offense intended), I would question what games you have played. Last Epoch’s crafting is leagues ahead of PoE’s in terms of player friendliness, Grim Dawn’s crafting is either specific uniques or random gear.

LE’s crafting can be frustrating certainly, and on many levels
• trying to find the right base
• with a decently rolled implicit
• with several affixes that you want
• at decent tiers
• that doesnt then fracture

But those layers of RNG are only there to offset the phenomenal power the crafting system gives us.


I do this all the time but I would prefer a lootfilter ^^. The devs already said they work on one so I hope for the best.

Not saying the crafting isnt better, but gearing up in PoE is way better overall experience. Gear you can use actually drops while you play the game.

I look at 80% of the gear that drops after hitting level 25. Not one item has been wearable and less then 5 were even worth crafting on. Gear that drops is only good for shattering for affixes.

Every character I make has to sit at the gambler to get desired crafting bases, so they can gear up and survive chapter 7 and beyond. Loot filter wouldn’t stop this, but it at least would make way less gear I have to wade through on the ground.

I would gladly trade this system for PoE’s even before PoE had loot filters. As there are way less forced affixes that absolutely have to be on your gear. Plus PoE gear had up to 6 affixes meaning it was ok if 1 affix was rubbish for your build.


Funny thing even when i made my first char and used my own build i had no great problems to finish story, maybe you do not use the crafting system?

Easiest thing for a new player is to stack some elemental resistance and vitality and use his idol slots to have more void resistance (if they are lower than 60%) around level 35-40 when mobs start to hit harder.
And as always chat in game is your friend.
Plenty of players there ready to help and give advice.

of course i use the crafting system, but to get gear to actually use on crafting I need to farm the gambler.
I have no issue beating the story either including solo self found. But that’s because I use Gambler to get base gear I need to craft. This isn’t a fun mechanic to gear up. It’s like sitting in PoE trade trying to buy maps so I can play the game.
Gear should absolutely be found on the ground after killing a mob. Problem is you are forced in using certain affixes to play the game after the story ends. Which means you cant use 99.9% of the gear that drops. And unlike PoE 1 bad affix on an item makes it trash.

You might get lucky if you look at every blue item that drops and find an item with 2 useful stats with a useful tier on a useful base that you can craft.
Yellow gear should only be picked up if you can shatter it for an affix, as its even more unlikely you will find a yellow item with 3 useful affixes on a useful base.

With a loot filter I can at least cut down on wasted time looking through all the gear, as only bases I would be interested in would be shown. And the % of useful items vs trash items would be better.

in over 300 hours (casinos have been closed so cant work and nothing else to do)
these boots are the only item I ever picked up off the ground and used after level 25. they dropped with tier 5 set chance to GB and tier 5 dodge. I crafted the rest.
Not sure how to screen shot in the game.

I think no one argues that lootfilter is not necessary. And it will definitely increase the items to can use. I also certainly miss many of good items because I don’t do through all that drop.

But I have to admit that I am using very few items that i find during the story. I pick up some good bases for every slot. Than with reaching the council chambers I start gambling for every slot and craft on the items as high as the level restrictions let me. And that’s it. Till end of the story I wont pick up a new item. I just not look at anything that drops, because there’s no item (besides uniques) that can compete with my crafted items. I’ll upgrade them everytime I can. At some points it is necessary to put specific protection on the items. But that’s it. Leave some slots empty and craft protections when you begin to struggle.

I thought of adding specific items as quest rewards. So you can choose from 3 items when you finish main quests or beat the act bosses. this could be items with (1-3) fix stats that will improve your gear.

I liked that when playing Wolcen.

I agree. Lootfilter would actually make farming gear much more enjoyable. At the moment you can optimise map clearing time in the monolith but you are heavily bottlenecked by actually reading the loot affixes. I would argue a simple lootfilter is much more needed than anything else in the game at the moment.

Probably give it the same treatment as controller support? Just get it to a “manageable” state and the dev can reiterate again later.

Agreed. Hopefully, it’ll arrive sooner than later.

I went on last night to check out the new patch. First time playing more than 5 minutes in a couple of months

Performance is much better now however after doing one single monolith and loot just everywhere I logged out and went back to playing The Surge as I was tired after 10 hour day and cant be bothered to scan loot piles. My PoE loot filter is customisable and perfect for me really. These games are unplayable without a loot filter

I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like i wouldn’t use and enjoy a “Lootfilter”, but i’ve yet to point out, here are much more impactfull and important features missing like Multiplayer or Rogue, and you mourn about a mere QoL Feature, while we are midst in the Early Access?!

Idk man…

Well, wouldn’t it be kinda sad, if a unfinished Early Access Product would be better experience than a Game, which had 2 Years Beta, is released since a long time, and 've gotten 7 Years worth of updates and post-launch support.

If your new car isn’t fully build yet and misses stuff like Doors, Trunk and stuff(though you can drive it already), than obviously your old whole car is a better experience than that. And you basically asking for a aircon or a Drink Holder before the mechanic should finish the rest of the car…


Loot filer is more important, than what you designated to be apparently more important.

I don’t want multiplayer and don’t really care about the Rogue either, what I DO want is to be able to play the game and only have the loot I am interested in seeing without awful screen clutter of garbage


It’s just useless to argue. Nobody is saying “lootfilter is garbage” Its just a beta. Lootfilter is announced. The correct order in which EHG works on its tasks is something we have to leave to them.

For some people the lootfilter is not that important than other features. Missing mechanic (like endgame modes) pr content may be more important to others than pure quality of life features.

And I really see no need to complain about a missing feature that will come in the future for certain, because it was sad numerous times on discord, forums and is in the forecast.

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uhuh that why I wont play until this is implemented, I am not in lockdown and don’t have vast amounts of time everyday to play games let alone sift through blue items for gear I don’t want to see

its hugely important to me and I don’t really care either. I’ll just play when they add one. I played PoE for a long time without a filter and cannot play without one now.

Even the loot nameplates don’t even sit correctly. Item names stack ontop of each other. I also play on a controller so I have to drop my controller everytime and use my mouse to loot something and its too much right now

The new patch’s performance is actually huge improvement but I also have other games im currently playing and PoE league will launch again in approx. 3 weeks so ill come back to LE in maybe August and check it again and see if theres a loot filter

It’s probably harder than we think to make a good loot filter, otherwise it would be there already.
Loot filter is more important than guide game or foot step, adding life in the world, mage animation ect… to me at least and for many I’m sure

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I couldn’t agree more. Actually this loot system took all my motivation to play this somehow decent game any longer.

The main problem is that the range of gear is getting bigger the further you progress. E.g. why does an item that requires level 4 drops when I’m lvl 68? And the only way to gear up your char is crafting (except for uniques) but to craft decent items you have to look at every single item on the ground to find a good base but when half of the items are way under my current level then it’s just annoying af.

In most other games (e.g. D2 and POE) the item level is close to the monster level and I’m really missing this here. Imo a loot filter will be less necessary if this would have been implemented properly.

And before I get the same question:

I played around 15-20 ARPGs since 1997 with far more than 15k hours playtime.

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What is the point of your PC receiving trash loot data if you do not want to see it?
Meaning, even if you apply loot filters to your screen, the drops are still created on the server-side and the data is still sent over to you , for an unnecessary traffic that results only in bad performance on both ends.
It’s like putting your hand over your eyes so as not to see the crap. It’s still there, it hasn’t vanished, it’s just you refusing to acknowledge it.

The concept of loot filters is horrible and it should have died with PoE.
I’m all for smart loot but this is not one of them.

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