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Things I would love to see

Just some ideas, maybe for the future.

  1. Dynamic resolution scale (aka automatic resolution) - This is a new ascending thing on games and helps a lot (A LOT!) low-end and medium-range PCs. And even some high-end PCs. It makes sure you have a steady FPS on every area and with a lot of monsters around.

  2. Deferred rendering - A lot of games are adding this and makes some games more smooth and with amazing lighting.

  3. Heavy DoT based class (maybe Warlock?)

That’s all. :kissing_heart:

there are lots of heavy DoT builds, if not more DoT builds then non dot builds lol

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Lol abyssal echoes sentinel is pretty heavy dot class in both meanings

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Hey, thanks for the advice. I’ll try the sentinel sometime.

Still hoping for a Bloody Pox-like skill on Warlock. Imo one of the most fun skills from Grim Dawn and I hope something similar would be in LE.

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Im sure the warlock will have all options avaliable. DoT… AoE… Buffs…


I am also really stoked to see what devs have in mind for warlock, DoT should be one way to play it, maybe throw in some new debuffs/curses which can be combined with either DoT’s or direct damage spells(shadow/occoult type of spells)

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Cool thing
I see how it was add in Grim Dawn in last dlc and how it makes more fps on my pc and give new cool visual effects

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From the description, Warlock sounds like it’s a more trap-focussed archetype.

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Yeah! I am very excited for the warlock.

As stated before the Acolyte and Sentinel already have very strong DoT builds.

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And the Primalist.

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and the mage…

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Hey guys and girls. First I want to thank you for participating on my topic :heart:
I just want to make an observation that this are not demands, just some suggestions of things I think are nice and cool.
I am very new to the game and I appreciate the tips around the classes/builds that have DoTs.
I am a DoT lover… can’t help it lol…

So here is my very cheap service of linking guides for newbees:

  1. Lich - State Of Decay (Poison)
    Toxic Meltdown: An Aura of Decay Lich Guide; Updated as of 0.7.6c

  2. Necromancer - Minion Bleed Build
    Necromancer Bleed Minion Build Link (kills the training dummy)

  3. Beastmaster - Poison Pet Build
    Wolves and Scorpion with babies deliver the poison (build link provided)

  4. Paladin - Warpath Bleed
    Paladin Speed 'n' Bleed Build Guide

I tried to find a Sentinel guide using Abyssal Echoes, but I could not find one.

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Thanks for the post!

  • We’ve looked at Dynamic Resolution, and we’ll likely look at it again at some point in future. Unfortunately, as we support multiple Operating Systems and multiple graphics APIs, there is not a straightforward way for us to implement this feature.
  • We already use Deferred Rendering.
  • The Acolyte class will be getting additional DoT skills soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll be doing a pure abyssal echoes VK next patch! Thanks for suggesting my AoD build for now tho!

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Sarno, thanks a lot for your answer.
I checked the patch notes and could see you are adding great skills for acolyte!! And amazing lighting effects (probably because of the deferred rendering you already have).
I hope in the future you will be able to add Dynamic resolution (although I read somewhere that isn’t something simple because it depends on the engine from the scratch), but no need to hurry. I am glad at least you thought about it and may consider it in the future.

You’re creating an amazing ARPG. :heart:

i don’t think they need to focus on getting a auto resolution system now… my gpu can run gta5 smoothly, yet has trouble with this game, this means they need to program more efficiently, not add a support system because this game needs perfecting

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