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There´s too much loot

Hi guys,

yet another thread! Just let me know if I´m posting too much! For me the loot is way too much! During storry I ignore loot all the way, and in endgame I spend more time looting than playing the game.

It would be nice to have the possibility that it´ll only shows loot from lvl ranges, or +/-10 u´r lvl! Ofc than it would be nice to have the possibility to show all jewellery and so on!

Furthermore I hate loot in Grim Dawn, cause I´m Always like…no plz……not so much loot! But the possibility to filter by stats is nice!

Kind regards

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You’ll ignore most loot sooner or later anyway. I would love to have a lootfilter at least for item typs I want to see on my screen. If I play Werebear for example it would be nice to have polearms highlighted.

A lot of patches ago you needed the ammount of items that drop because your main income in shards for crafting was shattering. Now you get crafting shards every now and then on top of it and that’s why it looks like there is to much loot.

All feedback is viable and you make a good point so keep it coming! Every kind of feedback can be helpfull and maybe there are veteran people who can shed some light on some stuff ;).

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“You’ll ignore most loot sooner or later anyway.” That´s not rly what it should be like!!!

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They have a loot filter in development.


Indeed, we will have an in-game loot filter in Phase 4.


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