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The Warrior - Pure Melee-2H Stealth Build



The Combatmaster

Gameplay - Monolith Run 53 (Action starts at 00:45)

TL;DR - The recipe is simple. Be super fast. Deal massive Damage. Death is not an option.

I´ve gone the pure warriors path - very versatile, very fast, huge survival and huge Damage. Ive rushed some through the Video and was a Little high. :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry for that

We will attack faster than the eye can meet (162%+ stacked attack Speed), jump the field like a ninja with Lunge on low CD and 3-4 available stacks, and sweep in high Damage-Velocity so to speak. With vengeance as main DPS, like a true warrior, and “strike back on hit” effects like ripose and Retribution doing their magic. On Hand we have very fast and strong AoE strikes at place (Rebuke and Erasing Strike) to wield out mass-destruction in a fast and fluid way. Holy Aura massively Boosts our Damage and resistances, further benefiting the way of the warrior.


We will have lots of defensive stacked despite aiming for most attack Speed on gear (gloves, Amulett, Amulett base, weapon), most crit Chance (weapon base, rings) and crit Multiplier (Amulett, relic, relic base) with most additiona Damage available, such as increased physical Damage (Amulett, relic).

The rest of the Suffixes on said gear pieces will have lots of space for 1 or 2 Suffixes each where we can stack the resistances high, get glancing blow Chance and Health. Helmet, armor, boots and belt will be enough of Slots to ensure more proper defense. Its important to use all possible offensive Slots for Damage.

Passive Tree/buffed DPS

Our passive tree will do the rest, and pump up both in a way we Need it. Forge Guard will give us the most Benefits for our Play style, so we choose that. Sentinel Tree Boosts our Damage and armor and grants us Retribution, which will easily kill small foe`s around you when vengeancing your blade. 10 Points into Paladin grants Health, Damage and armor. Rest into Forge Guard.

At 60 Points into Forge Guard we get +300% armor boost, 150% increased Damage, 100% crit strike Chance with melees, 100% crit Multi with melees. The next 25 Points will get us further 140% increased melee Damage and +300% Damage after potion use. We already crit for 10-100k Damage though.


  • 102% (127% buffed) increased attack Speed; Vengeance buffed 162% attack Speed)
  • 3124 (8100 buffed) Basic Attack DPS
  • 10.000-100.000 Damage crits
  • 39% (49% buffed) crit Chance, 304% (454% buffed) crit Multiplier
  • 70% armor resistance
  • 50% (65% buffed) elemental resist
  • 60% void & necrotic resist
  • 45% Poison resist
  • 28% movement
  • 27% glancing blow Chance
  • 600 life only

As we see, defensive-wise, what we need through gear will be resistances mostly, besides Health and glancig blow. Our armor is already boosted insanely. We can also further stack strengh wherever possible, but for many pieces its just not worth it.

Using Vengeance increases our global Damage by another 100% - Twice the Damage! Lunge Boosts our void and elemental resistances by 100% for 4 seconds after usage. We can use Lunge once every second. Rebuke grants another 400 elemental resistance for 3 seconds and grants another +15% movement Speed too after usage. We are a buffed warrior.


  • Lunge to move around. Usable almost all the time. Very handy, versatile and fast. Deals also up to 10-25k crits on hit in small AoE
  • Vengeance for main single DPS. Boosts overall DPS by 100%. Attacks faster than the eye can see (162% increased attack Speed). 7-15k crits
  • Erasing strike for cleaning masses. 20k-100k crits (occasionally)
  • Rebuke gives fast and good AoE Damage for cleaning masses and buffs elemental defensives
  • Holy Aura grants defensives, attack Speeds, more and stronger crits… everything we Need

Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

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