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The Wait


As title says.
The anticipation is killing me as I wait for what will be my main toon to play.
As many years that I have been playing video games the Stealthy/Assassin style gameplay has always been for me. I’m hoping for a poison/bleed hybrid viability. As I wait I cant help but wonder how awesome this class is going to be for me. Any other thoughts?


I’m with you on this hypetrain so big.

I always loved played an assasin type of class in al my games. I’m just saving every dodge item/Katana in the game at the moment hoping for it to come out xD

Hopefully it won’t break the game with a stealth like but maybe like a 5secs stealth with added DMG multiplier on it? SO many toughts !


Wondering when this is planned as well, any ETA from the developers anyone has seen? There was patches like ever 1-3 days after BETA release and now 12 days with no patch. Wonder what is next in line.


Definitely not rogue class.
They said they will finish other classes first and work on balancing them.

After that they will add new classes.
So rogue class is probably months away.


Ah ok had not heard this. Good to know though, I feel like some of the classes/spec’s are just hard to use right now because the skill specialization trees dont exist yet.


it has never been said that rogue would be out soon, always been “we don’t know, sometimes during beta”. I wonder where you heard that ! @r0bot


I want the Devs to take as much time as needed to make sure they get it right as they have done well with the current playable ones. simply the hype around the class itself for myself is incredibly high. so much anticipation.


Those frequent patches were to stabalise the initial beta patch. The devs are now working on the next big one. So you shouldn’t be expecting small patches all the time. But one big one followed by several small ones then wait some time for the next big one to land.


The wait for rogue drains me because there is only one class so far i like pretty much. I still have high hopes for the rogue.

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