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The Unique Lazy Bear Build

A Pet based Werebear build, using 80% Uniques/Set.

-I mostly just made this to se how far i could go with low-mid level uniques/set, and it turned out to be full Monolith capable and reached no.8 on Druid ladder.

(Also Credits to @Boardman21 for the idea of full uptime Entangling roots from his Werigan build)


You are my hero. I need builds like this, not due to laziness, but my bad crafting rng!

Edit: I just hit level 60 and I’m still deathless! I’ve never had a character deathless this high level. I love this build!

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Im glad you like it :slight_smile:, I just tested and it also works really well with 1 scorpion and 3 wolves too if you spec wolves : +1wolf, howl on kill, 300%health regen and bleed.

(It probably can work with most combinations of pets, guess it comes down to personal preferences)

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