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The tree-node "Calm" of the skill "Maelstrom" doesn't work

It looks like that the tree-node “Calm” (x% Increased Mana Efficiency) of the skill “Maelstrom” doesn’t work. The displayed Manacost is not reduced and i pay the Mana that is displayed on the skill.

Calm 0 Points: 30 Mana (Base)
Calm 1 Point: 27 Mana
Calm 2 Points: 27 Mana
Calm 3 Points: 27 Mana
Calm 4 Points: 27 Mana
Calm 5 Points: 27 Mana

Edit: The +% Base Spell Damage from the Shaman passive “Rune of Awe” is not applied in any way. It’s not displayed in the character sheet as well (and not just a display bug. I tested the damage numbers -> does not work).

Edit2: Typo in “Rune of Awe”: It reads “…base spell damageR for you…”

I noticed this as well. Adding points into “Calm” for maelstrom is rather pointless at the moment.

I also noticed the bug for Rune of Awe, however i noticed that I DO get the increased base spell damage while a totem is active. However the node does not say that we need an active totem to gain the bonus

Thanks for the report, both of the bugs mentioned here will be fixed in 0.7.5.

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