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The "Toggle Tooltips For Items On Ground" function does not work

The function that hides item tooltips for items on the ground does not work for me. (Default button Z).

It was working on the first one or two days since I first started this game, but has not worked for some time and I cannot figure out why.

I have tried rebinding the function to a different key, resetting my keybinds to default, and restarting the game. None have worked.


Strange, I haven’t heard of this problem before. Could you upload your log file from a game session where the hide function was not working?

Is the chat message saying the tooltips have been toggled being displayed?

Player.log (29.7 KB) Player-prev.log (176.6 KB)

Here are my log files, assuming I did this correctly.

Also, the chat message does not appear when I attempt to hide tooltips.