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The Thundergod - 2H Melee Spell Lightning Build



Whatz up guys! After my 4th Shaman leveled to lvl 70, respeccing and trying out each one several times I finally got a Feeling for Shaman and made a tasty build that combines quite everything he has to offer in an effective way - Spell, Melee, Totem, and Companions - all synergizing each other, making tasty Lightning rain from the sky drip drip drip while being fluid in Gameplay.

My most favourite Shaman build so far (after having tried pure melee, pure summoner, pure caster, and several mixes of all These! Note: Pure summoner with leap smashes everything, pure caster nice too, pure melee, too^^). Most fun: Thundergod, 2Handed Melee

Gameplay Video

Stat/Skill Video


  • Summon Wolf at lvl 20
    Get all the Lightning nods (Storm callers Reprisal and the rest) and make Wolves benefit from Attunemen (+4% dmg and Health/attunement), get Pack Hunters for extra wolf, spend rest in “on the hunt” or plain Damage

  • Leap at lvl 20
    Max the Lightning nods, get pack leader, max “rage” for 30% attack&cast Speed, rest into Warriors entrance.

  • Swipe at lvl 20
    Avater of the Wild (Swipe scales with Attunement +4% dmg/each), get the Lightning nods - 140% shock Chance with active totem, +21 melee Lightning), get Aspect of the Panther and Frenzy (35% attack and cast Speed total).

  • Storm Totem at lvl 20
    Get Blizzard through “Steel Plating”, max “Chill to the Bone 60% chill Chance”, get “Press your Advantage” for +24% crit Chance when chilled, rest into Storm rider and Grounding Conduit (+ movement Speed and Lightning Damage when totem chills).

  • Tornado at lvl 20
    Get Snap Gale (Point Investment 9) for Tornado following you, instant cast and 4 second CD, get Charged Storm (main Damage) and max Frequent Lightning for 140% frequency boost, max Storm Dervish (10% movement Speed and 21% attack Speed). 1 Point each into Overcast Skies and Swift Wings.

You are basically a running tornado within a hurricane bolting lightning from the sky with basically every ability available. Wolves howl + Tornado will be cast whenever possible for maximum buff, leap into enemys obviously for more Lightning and buff, place totem tactically for mass kill and crowd Control hurricane, swipe as fast as a Lightning.

Synergies / Stats from skills:

  • Your swipe gets 111% additional attackspeed during Gameplay through skill buffs (added the passive 25% attack Speed with an active totem)
  • howl grants 20-120% additional Damage depending on stacks and amount of Wolves
  • 90-105% additional Damage after leap for you and your minions
  • you have highly increased movement Speed (20% through skills, more is stackable through totem!) to run like a thunder
  • Swipe has 140% additional Chance to shock with active totem
  • Wolves leap with you
  • Wolves rain Thunder, Leap rains Thunder, Tornado moves with you and rains thunder, Totem builds Hurricane, Thunder Thunder Thunder

Attunement buffs EVERY skill except Leap (as far as I know - Maybe the lightnings Benefit from it as well), so that will be stacked most. Minion buffs totem and Wolves which is our next big stackable stat, Lightning buffs swipe, Tornado and Leap and is sweet if you have it.


  • Get all Attunement nods
  • “you and your minions increase Damage”
  • totemic fury for +25% attack Speed with active totem
  • Silent Protector and Lodstone (+% Armor with active totem, +% Armor and Resistance on Spell cast) = perma defensive buff with totem+Tornado cast
  • max Lightning Struck (you and minions deal 20 extra Lightning Damage with attacks and spells)
  • Lightning Rod for more Thunders,

The rest is up to you. This is the Basis

Stats from my current gear lvl 63 (semi-good gear, still leveling and improving)

  • 666 Health
  • 39% Armor (51% when buffed)
  • 31% Resist Elements (41% when buffed)
  • 67% Void Resist
  • 62% Necrotic
  • 39% Poison resist
  • 29 Attunement, 28 Vitality (have yet to buff attunement higher)
  • 285% minion damage
  • 248% minion health
  • 195% increased lightning Damage
  • 380 Basic Attack Dps; in Combat fully buffed 1300-1500 Basic attack Dps

Uniques that Synergize that I know of and am using:

  • Yruns Wisdom Armor (+85 Armor, +100 Health, +30 Cold Melee above 65% Health, +30% Health leech below 60% Health)
  • Arboreal Circuit (15% increased movement Speed, +300 Minion Armor, 10% Chance to cast illusionary tree on hit)

Additional Variant 1 (crit dmg and defense):

  • Death Rattle Neclace (20% Minion dmg, 20% minion crit Chance, +140% minion crit Multiplier)
  • Isators Tomb Binding belt (280 Armor, 15% cast Speed)

Variant 2 (critless, more attack Speed,more wolves, more minion plain dmg, dodge and ward on dodge)

  • Wing Guard Gloves (35% incr. melee attack Speed, can not crit anymore, +40 Health, +120 dodge)
  • Ward Trail (+80 dodge, +10% movement Speed, +20 Ward on Dodge gained)
  • The Fang (+1 maximum Wolf, +50 Health, 20% incr. minion Damage per wolf)

Since crit is not something you particularily go for (but is effective with the Amulett), I sometimes switch to the second playstyle with uniques (Variant 2).


The first issue I had with this build, was of Course, getting the Damage high for all skills and making it fluid. It started really being viable with decent gear (lvl 50-55). Now I`m leveling more and adjusting more Damage Input with decent surviveability (since its melee still). Still havent maxed all defensive nods, and can certainly improve on my defensive stats. It is super fun to Play though and Plays super versatile, effective, safe and thunderish! Numbers are rocking like the s#/t with 4 skills actively dealing Damage in every second, and with this build, all skills and all numbers are worthy of their effort to use them :slight_smile:

Will update when I grinded some moar Levels!



Always provide a short gameplay of your build. Please


Very interesting! :cowboy_hat_face:

I would love a gameplay video tho.


Can you suggest a simple Programm to make a short 1-2 Minute Gameplay Video? :innocent: havnt done such in years.



The easiest thing is to install OBS Studio and add “Game Source” to it


Installed, dont know how to direct to last epoch though at game source! Can only enter the Name “last epoch”, but not Redirect to the Folder or something. Have 90 minutes left before work to figure it out though :stuck_out_tongue:



Yep, OBS is the best. You might need to minimze and open game few times untill you see the game in OBS program. If you cant start recording, it would be best if you check youtube.

Also, under files go to settings and set your hotkeys for start recording / stop recording.


EDIT: Gameplayvideo online, short stat/skill Video on the way!

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Id wish people would just post builds that are somewhat optimized. theres so much to consider if u want to choose a build guide. like endgame viability, scaling into late game etc.
Otherwise ull end up spending several hours leveling up a character just to realise that ure capped at wave 50 or whatever.
so far the gameplay video isnt impressive at all.

otherwise the guide is written pretty good


I think it is great people are sharing what they are making. When you get your head wrapped up in Arena waves which is the most boring thing in the game anyway. I much prefer Monoliths anyway. That being said i hope people keep posting what they have come up with.

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