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The three FAQ in Chat:

After a few days of intense LE with global chat open, my impression is that these questions come up every hour or so:

  1. What does fracturing do?

-> This one is actually explained very well in the crafting “info”. But the button is so tiny, that most people won’t notice it, i guess. My suggestion is simple: Make the button bigger and give it a m,ore “into your face” sort of colour - red or sth.

  1. Can i respecc my mastery?
  2. What is the maximum skill level?

-> Apparently people want to know these things from the get go. Maybe they could be explained somewhere on their respective interfaces too?

Well actually, if we are talking about right now, the biggest question is “Does this game have multiplayer yet?”

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Pretty much this.

And, “how do I get into the great college”, “what’s the max skill level”, “how do I respec (skills & passives)”.

I would put at the same frequence as “multi available ?” : “ROGUE WHEN???” :man_facepalming:

I don’t think I’ve actually seen anyone ask about the Rogue. Though maybe my subconscious has just blanked chat out before it gets to that stage.

“What’s max level?”
“Can I respec skills?”
“Why is my FPS low [insert pc specs here]”
“When is next patch?”

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ingame chat might not be touched by this question, but the rogue channel in discord however…

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