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The shocker! (Sorcerer Lightning Shock Build Link Provided)

Been wanting to try out the mage but havent found a fun build? Try shocking and lightning blasting everything! Here’s the link, Enjoy!


Nice setup, Ignite Elemental Nova is pretty good as well

In regards to what you said about the Idols im confused about failing a quest but almost every character of mine was made prior to the idol patch as I didnt play for 3ish months. I did all the quests and always was missing the 4 corners

After making a Transplant Lich and did all the quests I figured out how to get them - im not logged in so I cant remember exact names of places or people but -

  • You need to clear Lake Liath time portal for 2 - I missed as I never went back there
  • in Act 2 Majelka? area there is some undead guy on a bridge who asks you to kill that Scorpion unique mob, once you kill that you move to the next area, search a corpse get 1 skill point, now you can fast travel to Orcales Abode and she gives you a quest to clear a time rift in the beach first area which is blocked off, clear that for the final +2

I went back on 3 of my characters that were missing the final 4 and this always worked

Yes I habe a frozen build usimg chill and freeze nova and a fire build using fire just havent made videos yet. I will try those spots
Out of my 50 characters this is the only char that has had an idol problem. But cinsideeimg it was made back in alpha I give props to the devs for not having more problems with more chars

This did indeed work. Thank you :slight_smile:

Glad it worked

It was driving me crazy as well. still have about 2 more characters to go do this on

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