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The Reaper - Melee Acolyte Build Guide (WIP) Beta 0.7.0c



Started adding a leveling guide as I level a fresh Acolyte. I will update it as I go to make sure I’m comfortable with what I recommend. Hopefully this will help those who have said they struggle with leveling as melee.


Perhaps suggest “Occultist’s” items in the levelling guide? New players may still be getting familiar with the suffix/affix system and it’s an easy spot for Necrotic damage items.


I would probably put attack speed over crit multi myself. More attacks = more crits = more procs.


@Cmdr_Nexus thats a good idea. I personally forget affix and suffix names myself so I didn’t think about this at all.

@mautobu It says “not yet ordered” for a reason :slight_smile:


@Merixa Missed that. my b.


@mautobu Haha it’s fine, you’re not the first! You’re right with attack speed likely being more useful overall. I just wrote them down in the ordered I remembered them, and don’t feel comfortable making anything solid without any real testing.


I changed a few things in my gear and found what I like to think is a BIS list (for now)

Decayed Skull Unique Helmet
Jade Amulet
● %Crit chance ● %Crit multi ● +Health ● Protection
Sovnya (12% crit)
● +Melee crit chance ● %Crit multi ● Melee leech ● open suffix
Secutor Armor
● Intelligence ● Dexterity ● +Health ● %Health
Silver Ring x2
● %Crit chance ● %Necrotic damage ● +Health ● Protection
Bronze Belt
● Glancing blow ● open prefix ● +Health ● %Health
Lagonian Gauntlets
● Intelligence ● Melee attack speed ● %Health ● Protection
Secutor Boots
● Intelligence ● Glancing blow ● Movement speed ● Protection
Rahyeh Light Relic (crit multi)
● %Crit chance ● %Crit multi ● +Health ● Protection

I still need to find a Chimaera’s Essence to test the synergy with reaper form, it might be better than a regular Jade amulet.


so u are going hardly on crit multi now instead of necrotic damage?
weapon with 12% base crit on it? how do you find stuff like that lol ? :slight_smile:

Chimaeras Essence looks awesome! good to know there is still unique stuff to chase for.
but how does your defenses look like with a set up like that? there has to be one shots from time to time, at least in arena(ofc at some point there will be a one shot anyway in arena)


Yes, I do way more damage with that much multi.
Skull shards hits are doing between 24k and 30k dmg.
Made it to wave 250+ in the arena and got bored lol.

About defenses I’m currently sitting at 1.5k max health, 15 to 25% resistances across the board and 32% glancing blow chance, I can still respec Mirror Soul in the harvest tree instead of area of effect but I’m okay without it for now.

And only Sovnya bases can have 12% base crit, you just have to be lucky :smile:
They also happen to have the highest base phys damage (95) of all 2H weapons.


Okay sounds good.
Have to use what i can craft first of all. But already made a new acolyte for a cleaner skill tree, now at lvl 81.

wow 1.5k health is pretty nice. u gotta have a lot of t5 rolls or just in general good gear im guessing.

yeah i manage to find a Sovnya yesterday but i was very unlucky while crafting. it fractured by using rune of cleansing… imagine that “luck” :smiley:

anyway, great stuff thanks for reply.


The hardest thing about area: not getting bored and just giving up.

The same reason why I can’t bring myself to go high waves. Not because the build can’t, I just can’t be bothered to haha!


I am just curious how come you have less health and basic attack DPS than my 46 level lich? I am definitely not bragging. I am just curious. Did I over crafted something for my level?


The character I did the recording on was my first character. She’s using a 1h+shield (vastly less dps than a 2h) did not have too much to craft with/not very good crated stuff plus she’s bugged out to lose 30% of her dps with reaper form, which sticks for an entire game if I use it once. The recording was just because somebody else requested there was one to see the build in action.

My second character has vastly more damage and isn’t bugged to lose 30% of it :smiley:

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