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The problem of HS league ARPG's

It’s an opinion, but I think a lot of people share it.

For me the biggest problem of ARPG’s is the story. I understand that a good story is needed to create a logical basis for the game, for those who are more detailing. However, once you end the story with some character and start doing the end game, you are no longer interested in doing the whole story again.

And that’s the problem. Many times you’re in the end game and want to test another build, you’ll have to go through the whole story again, and you’ll ignore every detail to do it as quickly as possible because it’s boring to go through it.

So it would be interesting that when you finish the story, you have the means to create another character that does not need to do it again. Some random alternate path that can be used to progress with the character.

Path of exile suffers from this same problem. Recently they had a Delve league, which had an alternative and random (though quite repetitive) gameplay. The league is over and many players constantly ask that they be able to use the delve seamlessly, ignoring the story of the game, which they have done thousands of times.

I see everyone already have discovered that a repetitive end game becomes tiresome and many players leave the league in the first month. So they’re focusing on creating end-game alternatives that are totally random, or at least less repetitive. And that’s great. However in the end game your character already has fun gameplay and the rewards tend to be much better,
so getting tired of the end game is not the biggest problem.

The biggest problem is when the player tires of the character himself and wants to start something new, but when he notices that he will have to go through that long and tiresome way again, he simply gives up creating new characters.

I hope you can deal with it in some creative way. I can think of some ideas, and I think the community could help as well.

Sorry for my poor English. ^^

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