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The Power of Mastery - what to choose

Hi guys,

Im running Hammerdin, will focus on Forge Guard all the way.

With the above, can I choose Paladin in this main quest as I like the aura way better then what Forge Guard has to offer. Or chosing Paladin will shut me out of Forge Guard? in other words, can I chose Paladin and still get all the passives from Forge Guard?

And this Paladin aura will prohibit me from using Ephemeral Stance?

You can not get any of the passives that requires 30 points or more in any mastery you don’t have. So if you chose paladin then you lose out on anything that requires anything above 25 points specced into forge guard, they also made it so you can not change your mastery, you will have to level a new character if want a different mastery class.

I believe Holy Aura will not interfere with Ephemeral Stance as far as I know.

If you want the higher level passives in forge guard then you must take the forge guard mastery otherwise you will need to level a character to get it.

thank you !

So I’m going with FG then.


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