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The nomad camp bug in heoborean

I went out the south west door in heoborean and ended up in the nomad camp and i couldnt move so i went back inside the camp and i was outside the camp on the west and could roam around in the nothingness this can be repeated by going out of the town and back in the second time going back in the town i was on the east side and trying to go back in the town on these sides ports you in random other empty zones

Sorry about this! We’re looking into the cause of this problem. In the meantime, users have reported the issue being solved by restarting the game (perhaps a few times).

If you encounter this again please post your log file before restarting. Thanks!

We’ve included a fix for this in 0.7.7f. Please update the game and let us know if it helps! If you’re still having the issue please upload your log file again.

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