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["The Last Imperial" Quest] Phylacteries Bug

Hi all,

I found a bug in my attempt to complete “The Last Imperial” Quest. I searched a bit in the forum and did not see it posted.

When I talked to the Last Imperial and went onto destroying the Phylacteries, the one that is at the far southwest (most left bottom “corner” of the map) was not there at all.

I tried to exit the zone and come back but it was not there even then. After that I exited the game, went back and the Phylactery was there.

Concluding, I think this a Low criticality/priority bug, but it is good to be known and fixed.

Thank you.

Ah found a potential cause of this, thank you for pointing this out!

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Today i ecnountered another bug with this quest. Apparently, it’s possible, to destroy the phylacteries, before accepting the quest from the last imperial, because they already spawn on entering the zone. So i explored the zone, encountered many enemies and also the phylacteries and destroyed them. I then encountered the last imperial a few minutes later, accepting the quest but was not able to complete it right away., since the phylacteries were already destroyed and it didnt count towards quest progression. I had to reenter the zone to respawn everyting. The phylactieres respawned and i could complete the quest then.

Good eye! Tweaked some stuff, now the phylacteries won’t spawn unless you’re at the stage of the quest where they are relevant, thus preventing killing them prematurely. Thank you for finding this stuff as always!

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