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The Last Epoch: the best take on the skill tree to date

Hello everyone,
As a long time D2 fanboy, I’ve tried many ARPGs and found none of them with a skill tree that could really compare. When you leveled up a skill, it would gain noticable power. Some skills would even have visual changes (eg. Charged bolt). Leveling felt so fun! You also could not max out all skills so your character felt unique. Some people built skelemancers while others built bonemancers etc. I’ve only seen one game with a skill tree that actually captures this level of quality in these areas and in my opinion, improves on it.
The Last Epoch has a severely underrated skill system. I don’t understand why more people aren’t talking about this.

Trees within trees : you have the same broad skill tree like D2, then it goes further. Each skill then has it’s own skill tree that let you customize it with subskills either leveling aspects of the skill (eg. Damage, dot, aoe, duration) or changing the way it works entirely. For the latter example, if you prefer your meteor to deal massive damage at once in a concentrated area, you can level up one set of subskills. If you want it to hit a broader area and rain as a shattered star, you can spend a point doing that.

They also have a mastery system where you can choose which skill will be your primary focus. The skill then gains buffs and levels with use! This can allow you to define your character around a basic skill if they choose and makes a greater variety of builds viable.

What do you guys think? Would D4 benefit from a system like this?


Love skill system so far. Want more depth and more choices to make builds feel even more unique. And why would you talk about D4 on LE forums?

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