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The game won't launch on Mac

Hi there,

I just bought the game yesterday and i wanted to try it on my Mac.
All went ok with installation but when i click “Launch”, the game tries to open but stays in a white window forever (and it appears like “not responding in Dock”).

My Mac is a Mac mini from 2012, on macOS High Sierra 10.13.6, core i7, 16gb RAM (if it can helps)

Is there something i’m doing wrong ?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


Sorry about the issue! We have gotten some reports of this issue, particularly from users who have the game installed on a traditional hard drive, rather than an SSD. In some cases it’s necessary to just wait for a longer period of time for the game to start.

However, looking at the specifications of your Mac Mini, it seems it doesn’t meet the system requirements for Last Epoch, in particular the GPU portion. Your Mac Mini only has graphics hardware that is integrated into the CPU, which is much weaker than a discrete graphics card from AMD or Nvidia. As such, we can’t guarantee the game will function optimally.

If you’d like a refund in light of this information, you can do so through Steam if you purchased the game there, or by emailing


Thank you for your answer.
The GPU of my Mac is a Intel HD Graphics 4000, 1536Mo.
Is this enough to play in very low ?

My hard drive is a fusion drive so you may be correct. I’ll try to wait longer when my boss will be off because the Mac is at my work :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t want a refund then. The game runs perfectly on my PC at home.
I tried it yesterday and to be honest, i didn’t think the game would be so cool.

I already love it and i can’t wait to get home to play more and more =D

It may be playable at Very Low, but I can’t recommend it. Glad to hear it runs well at home!

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