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The game is unresponsive

After a very frustrating day of trying to get the game installed correctly, I finally have it. But at the login screen, it was very glitchy and slow to respond. Now I’m trying to create my first character. After clicking everywhere on the screen repeatedly, it has selected Primalist for me. I cannot unselect it or confirm it. It appears as though there is a full minute of lag and I don’t know what clicks will register and which ones won’t. It’s not playable in this state.

I had similar input lag. I also had a Saitek HOTAS connected. Once I removed all controllers it seemed to correct the mouse input lag. Hope this helps.

Whoa… I have the exact same controller setup plugged in…
Looks like that fixed it.

OMG!!! This thread saved me from jumping off a cliff. I just so happen to have my HOTAS Thrustmaster joystick connected for when I play my flight sim. Thanks @awkra!! This was truly infuriating.

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