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The future of sockets!

So like every ARPG game out there we can expect sockets on gear to arrive but the question we must now ask, is in what form should they take?!

There are alot of ways to go about sockets. PoE makes linking sockets and tying your skills into them required. Lets stay away from that one please. Next we have D3, just kind of a plain old 1 socket on both rings and amulet for legendary gem is required and sockets on gear for Stat boost Optinal, but required. Yea lets not do that one either. Then We have the demo for D4 and the basics of sockets there gets better. You can customize around your build by stacking 1 rune that has a proc and another with it that has an effect when said proc is activated. Interesting and will probably be very viable.

Now lets look at what last epoch has going for it and what direction that i think sockets should go (yes this is just a personal opinion and there is no evidence or even rumors that this is how it will be). Last epoch has crafting and build diversity, like burger king slogan “Have it your way!” you can literally build around any skill and craft to it and make it viable. Keeping this is mind i think D4 mechanics for sockets should be the route taken, but of course we have to put LE spin on it.

So instead of runes since this is a game of different timelines and eras i think we should have “Memories” that tie together to create a proc and effect type effect OR we could find “Memories” that are just a passive affix/skill that you can use on any char that doesnt exist on any where else in the game. In other words I DO NOT WANT STAT GEMS/JEWELS/RUNES and thats all we do is throw a stat into the mix. We can craft that on, its not exciting. Its not different.

Now as for finding these said “memories” it would tie directly into item hunting. Certain ones could only be found in certain era’s or time rifts or for defeating certain bosses. For example maybe defeating the new FIRE Dragon boss from last patch drops 2 possible “memories” 1. a proc memory “When you take 50 fire damage” and 2. a effect memory "You have 100% chance to fire beam breath (the fire dragon skill) towards nearest enemy. This would actually allow you to use (on proc) a skill from a boss that is otherwise not used in the game at all and would be EXCITING!

There are so many layers with this and really no limits and would allow for so much build diversity.

What do You guys think?

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There’s already an endgame system planned called Lost Memories, so the name would likely be something different. That being said I don’t necessarily like the idea of skills on sockets, as it would devolve into either extra defensive skills or extra offensive skills just being tacked onto a build. For example, with the Fire Breath, it would just be something a Forge Guard/Paladin/Sorcerer would use to clear faster and inevitably give way to faster power creep. The devs limited skill use slots to 5 so that we wouldn’t be able to hotswap extra non-specialized extra skills. This is going the exact opposite way.

A valid point, but would just putting “gems” or “jewels” in there with a stat increase up the power creap as well. Imaginve a bunch of attunment added on werebear or int on sorc. Faster creep that just getting a random boss skill that randomly procs. Its more for looks.

But i was aiming more for the fact that you should be able to target specific bosses to get specific gems/jewels/memories whatever you wanna call them. Someone in my stream today had the example “When you take a critical hit -> Movement speed based skills CD reset.” Doesnt have to be that you get dragon skills. Its just the idea behind the system im after.

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I agree, if EH games makes this socket system half as fun as the crafting system we will never stop playing!

Another type of gem that could drop is a specific boss gem, you get gems that help kill that specific boss, this will limit power creep for the majority of the game and give you a sense of progression on that specific boss! An example would be, Gem of the fire dragon = 100% dodge of fire dragon breath.

Sockets and similar systems, such as components and augments in Grim Dawn, are there to allow the player to have some control over their items. The purpose of sockets is already fulfilled in Last Epoch through the crafting system. Adding an additional system of gear customization would overcomplicate the most innovative aspect of this game: the beautifully elegant crafting system.

I disagree. And Sockets have already been confirmed that there coming. We just dont know it what form yet.

I would also disagree with this game having a “beautifully elegant” crafting system. While the system is good, there is a lot left to fix not only with aesthetics, but also the materials and time involved. And their is nothing really complicated or even close to being complicated about the crafting system. It’s actually one of the easier to get into systems. End game though…is another story.

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