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The Design Sheet for Upcoming Armor Models for the Primalist


Our art team are continuing to work on additional 3d models for equipment. The next armor set implemented for the Primalist will be low tier armor. Today we’re posting the Design Sheet for the new models, and tomorrow we’ll be ready to show you the models themselves!

The Upcoming Primalist Armor from Yesterday's Design Sheet



Whoa, this looks good! I’m really liking the wood slats as chest armor. Very Witch Doctor-y
Also, Rufio wore that in Hook! :grin:


look like a voodoo dude, maybe for a shaman…with dark magic like wow, but here, no :roll_eyes::no_mouth:


I’m not sure I could identify this look with a primalist :thinking: feels more like a city vagabond than a hermit.


This does closer resemble a witch doctor than how I mentally envision a primalist. When I think of a primalist, I think more closely of Diablo 2 LOD’s Druid class, since, character sheet and ability wise they’re similar. More furs would make sense, but that was due to the Druid being from the Arreat regions with the Barbarians. (A cold area) Nice concept art.


Looks pretty sick but i have to agree that it seems more witch doctory. Maybe you guys could create sets and let the forum help choose what class they would be for.


I don’t like it at all. This to me does not say Primalist at all. Where is the animal skins and cloths that blend into the forest? Plus sticks? Really my armor against the evil in the world is a bunch of freaking sticks? Did my 5 year old make it for me in art class and I had nothing better to protect myself with?


As said in the OP, this will be low level armor. This isn’t what your Primalist will be rocking at high levels while facing the evils of the world of Eterra, but rather a representation of the kind of clothing he would have had equipped when performing more mundane tasks.

One of the fun parts of an ARPG is your character’s appearance growing more impressive as they equip higher level gear. To have that sense of visual progression, equipment has to start off looking less significant - you can’t have a journey if you begin at the destination. :slight_smile:


I think it looks fine. I like the idea of the primalist actually having more protective armor than just furs.

My only issue would be the silhouette. I’d try having the slats run parallel to the legs/arms/torso rather than perpendicular.

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