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The Animal Park Build (Up to 65+ Pets)

A Beastmaster Build with a whole lot of pets

(Note: Keepers Idols are almost mandatory for this build, as we spawn crows from the bees at low life which they have almost constantly))

As im not very good at making videos, this video doesnt really show the true potential of the build, but you can have up to 45 crows (maybe even more), 13 bees (more with 4 idols), 4 wolves, 1 scorpion, 3 baby scorpions, and everything will melt really fast


I haven’t watched the video yet, in about 30 minutes, but I just had to comment on the title and that thumbnail. Made my morning.

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:slight_smile:…now the only thing i reealy wish for in that Park would be a poison spitting/acid vomiting Llama


Love me a good crow build. Hunterxhunters/Bankaikiller also showed that you can make really good use of the rock golems that avalanche can spawn to summon crows as well. They constantly degenerate health which is great if you haven’t found any Keeper’s idols yet since they’re really rare.


Ye it was his unique build that inspired me to make this, and maybe if i take this to max level it would be fun to try and flex in those rock golems too


nice bee idols :slight_smile:

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And thanks to you i have finally found a proper use for them :+1:

Btw would you mind adding this, and : The Unique Lazy Bear Build to the compendium (both full Monolith capable) :slight_smile: