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The admiral's dreadnought (can't take ship)

Hello, i just killed the boss, and when i’m talking to Alric he say : “Let me know when you are ready to jump ship…”
But the only thing i can do is saying “goodbye” and i have no other option.
I tried 3 times (deco/reco).
Is it a bug or i forgot something?

Just created a new character and realesed that the first one was totaly buged:
-no drop from boss
-no reward from quest
Then i think my quest with ship is just buged like many things on this character.

Bugged on me too, chose to jump of the ship, nothing to do now

Sorry about that! This should be fixed as of 0.7.0b. Thanks!

Hi still bugged for me at this moment

Can you (and anyone else still having the issue) please post your log file?


It works again for me, thanx for the fix.


it is still bugged for me. I can’t log the file because I am a new user

Upload to google drive and link?

Hello, I’m stuck in the same point, Can`t take ship.
Windows 10 - Beta 0.7.d

output_log.txt (98.6 KB)

Just to know,. ¿Could you fix it or I have to create a new char?

Hi again,
I’m still stuck in admiral Dreadnought and can´t take ship
Windows 10 - Beta 0.7.H

Any advice please? Thank you and keep up the good work.

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