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The absolute insanity of losing all levels when I spec out of a skill

Any idea what this mechanic adds to the game? Is this not an beta? Do we not want players to try as many crazy builds as possible to discover what’s OP and what’s UP as soon as possible? Losing all levels from a skill is really taking the fun out of the game as it means I cannot try anything nor experiment as I level. I’m mid-30’s level right now and my first specialised skill is now level 13. If I despec that to try some other skill, it would take potentially 12+ hours to get it back where was. That is not sustainable.

As a footnote, does this get any better late game?? Will I end up earning so much more skill XP that respecing becomes negligible and fast? - Even if yes, this is not a viable solution as the idea is to arrive at end-game with my complete preferred build all worked out, having experimented with lots of other builds on the way. Not the other way round.

Any plans to change this rather silly mechanic?


You might want to have a look through some of the several respec threads. I’m not sure we need another one…

But esentially, the devs (I believe) desire that our choices have some impact & they don’t want us to just be able to swap out a skill for another skill on the fly (ala D3). Relevelling skills is a lot faster later on as you get more xp faster.


At first I thought like you Ghostlight.

But you will see that in late game, from level 70, you recover your new skills so quickly, that in three runs of the monolith you go from level 1 to level 18+ of a skill.


… lol?

late game, first run is 8-11 skill lvl’s
second run usually gets you to 14-15 skill lvl
reaching lvl 20 still takes a few more runs.

It would be nice for testing purposes to not have to lvl each skill, but that would mean people would really start whining once they re-enable it for release.

You’re here to test the game and its mechanics as it would be at release.

And besides the fact that I don’t share the opinion that respec should be easier there might be a bunch if people who think so (it’s a very controversial topic). But it is impossible to have an opinion on something that you never got to know as if it was deactivated.

So how would anybody realise if the actual respec mechanic is fun or not if it was deactivated for testing purposes?

After lvl 80 skill leveling is faster and until then it’s a punishing and boring grind. There isn’t much content so all that is left is grind.

How can losing all your points ever be classed as “fun”


It’s character building, commitment and meaningful decision what is fun for many. In moment you will make respecing character too easy, you are removing part of the game, what is, for many people, alpha and omega of good ARPG …or RPG in general.


I tried to explain that you can’t rate something you don’t know.

If they activated godmode and gave you unlimited xp and respecc, how would you rate if the game mechanics that are planned on release are fun. Nobody would know.

Ask a blind man about his favourite colour.

If all you got from my reply was this my time obviously was wasted.

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And here we go again, another respec thread.

While this is a very controversial topic and is definitly something that needs to be discussed, i don’t get why people create such topics before even browsing the forum (as it seems).

Anyway while i do disagree that the current system is bad here are some things i want to point out:

The whole leveling curve and process is equally important as the pure “finished build”

I do like that even early on you have to make choices that actually matter. I really enjoy the leveling experience, since you get 3 spec slots very very fast and the last 2 you have to wait a bit for.

That is simply not true, doesn’t matter how slow or bad your build is.

They just recently in 0.7.8 changed the exp curve, so that the early levels take quite a bit longer for skill spec exp, but for the early endgame onwards the proccess is alot faster.
As soon as you reach like 60+(first few hours when you finished the story) skills level really really fast.

That is simply no constructive feedback.

I will say it again, i do think this topic needs to be discussed and it’s important to alot of people.

There were already some suggesstions for like a 6th skill spec slot, which you could possible use as a swappable backup skill. That wouldn’t punish experimenation so hard.
That was the only solution that i kinda would agree with in this whole regard.

OK it beggars the question, why is passive respeccing so cheap and easy then? It sits at odds with slow and painful and costly (in time) skill respeccing when you are levelling. One has a negligible cost, the other is a serious time sink. One encourages experimentation and creativity, the other stifles them.

You’ll probably need 100k if you want to reset your whole tree at level 100, while you can relevel skills in 5 minutes. Farming 100k takes more than 5 minutes.

Passives are not that impactful early on, so it makes sense early passives are cheap to respec.

My argument is that it isn’t fun, and thus should not be included in full release either. I regret implying that only an EA release should make respeccing easier. Forget I said that. The full release should too, as the current system stifles creativity during levelling (where it should be encouraged). The fact I can respec skills cheaply at level 100 is rather irrelevant; the damage has already been done…


I don’t think the system needs changing. On a side note, a respec all points for passive tree would be nice…

The paradox here for me is this:
When you leveling new character and actually don’t know yet how skills and interactions work, you can make choices by mistake. And you will be stucked with it for a long time because respecing at low level is pain.
When you already high level and can make meaningful decisions as someone wrote, you can respec easy.
I myself leveled necro and made some wrong decisions at start, and decided to finish campaign without respecing because of it (and it wasn’t fun)


I agree that early game respec should be made easier. Probably refund the first 3-5 points would be good?


But that’s only early on, once you’ve got through most of hte campaign your skills will level up a lot faster.

I get that now, but early on is when it matters.


On one side it can be quite punishing to respec early on and it might reduce the will to experiment with stuff early on, on the other side the game is fairly easy until chapter 7.
You don’t need any fleshed out build to beat the majrotiy of the campaign and until you reach that point you probably already figured stuff out that you like/enjoy.

And as i said earlier, you can alot of skill spec slots very early and fast, which also can be used to experiment with stuff, since you don’t need ot have 4 or 5 skills that synergize with each other.

if people were able to get skills points easily early on in the game, combined with a loot filter being added in a sooner patch, rather then later, it would affect the game a lot by being too speedy. we dont want more speed, we want controllable grind.

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