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That combat "thud" feel

So far everything ive seen from this game is looking to be very promising. All the classes are actually interesting for once, all or most the skills in the game are actually cool or have the potential to be if spec’d right, and all the skill / class systems they came up with i think are brilliant. Finally seems like a game that keeps true to that “diablo” feel without straying too far from what made the genre great and instead seems to just improve on everything those older games did wrong or could have done better.

I think once all the content is there and its polished up nicely, this game is going to be a home run that i can finally sink a “D2” amount of time into. One main thing that stands out to me right now among the current rough edges is how the combat doesn’t have that heavy “thud” feeling to it. at least not yet. I know theres some screen shake options that i think are great, especially because you have so much control with it. I’m not sure if this is something that will have more work to go towards it, its always hard to tell when looking at a game in beta. But i really hope and wish they find a way to give combat a little bit more salt and pepper. a little more mustard. looking back at similar games i loved like Champions of Norrath and Diablo 3 (one of the few things that game did right), the first thing that always stands out to me is how meaty the combat sounds and feels.

I know these guys obviously don’t have a massive team and or funding but what do you all think? is this something that you guys think should have some more time spent on it? or is it not nearly as big of a deal for others?

Yea. I agree. It doesn’t feel satisfying at the moment.

Yea, it’s not an easy feeling to describe, but I think I understand what you mean. It will get better with time for sure.

its probably just as hard to put into a game. but man does it ever make a difference. I hated most the classes and skills they put into Diablo 3 but i played hundreds and hundreds of hours regardless just because they managed make it feel so amazing. If these guys can find a way to replicate that satisfying hit, then this game is going to have endless replayability for me.

It’s one of those things that you know it when you feel it, I agree. Not being a game developer I have no idea how it is added to a game other than the obvious sensible sounds at relevant times. Agreed that it is missing and it’s like watching a movie with a missing soundtrack. Expected in a beta though.

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yeah im hoping its something that will be addressed. ill never judge until a game is finished tho.

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Diablo 3 may have a lot of problems, but fighting in this game is just awesome!
LE Devs will find a way to get a better feedback of our chars.
We are in eary beta so, we will get conversations, maybe some cinematics and the Meteor for example already looks great imo, just a bit better impact sound needed.

I love grinding in LE, keep on working and i m sure this will be a great ARPG, it is already really good.

I think/hope this all gets improved when Rogue and Multiplayer is ready for testing in Beta.


i think i can elaborate a bit, at least on how it works for me. for me that feeling is about feedback, graphical and audio. the game needs to react when i hit something, and it needs to react dramatically.

like, take the acolyte’s two blood explosion skills, rip blood and sacrifice skills. rip blood looks good but it doesn’t demonstrate any impact; it’s just kind of overlaid on the target, like a greenscreen effect. sacrifice makes the targeted minion explode into a mist of blood and bones, there’s that lovely popping sound, it just feels GOOD.

now obviously every skill doesn’t need to make the mobs explode (though that would be awesome and i would enthusiastically support that design decision), but it shows the kind of thing i think you mean. that kind of over the top reaction to a hit can make a huge difference in how combat feels. diablo 3, for all its faults, is spectacularly good at making gameplay feel satisfying, something that blizzard is really good at.

i think last epoch actually does do some of this, like, the void enemies have really satisfying death animations. but there’s no feedback when you hit them if they don’t die; again, it’s just sorta overlaid. i think there might be a sound effect but if there is, it’s really short and subtle, which is bad. i think it might just be in too high a register, which is something i’ve noticed about a lot of the sound effects, there are a lot that are really lacking in bass.

i think a lot of this is down to animations and sfx, so i don’t know how much it can improve without reworking the audio, which is a lot of extra work, or adding a bunch of animations, which is a ton of extra work. hopefully the devs can figure something out.

My understanding is they haven’t really even got started with the audio yet :wink:


oh damn i look forward to that then. i know they’re not done with the animations either, i mean, the tigers just kinda teleport into a death pose. but i’m not sure how much more they’re planning on adding, since so much looks good enough to release.

Yea. So I was very surprised by the state of the initial beta launch (much more polished than I expected) but make no mistakes, the devs have barely started on polish work (they’ve been mostly working on expanding content).

All hail last epoch devs

Diablo 3 was fluid and the sounds were on point and that’s it. There is nothing magical about it :). LE is still a bit clunky and everything but fluid. In D3 you were able to chain skills without interruptions in LE it feels like: Press button wait xy millisec skill starts, press button wait xy milliseconds till the first skill is through and the one you pressed last starts. This gives a clucky feeling D3 avoided and for that the combat felt good. At least from my point of view.

Just think of the tiny goblins in Diablo 1 (those who will temporarily flee when a mate got killed, don’t remember the name). These are my favourite enemies to kill in a video game ever. :laughing:

The way they fell down spinning and that sound… awesome. No. Epic!

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