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Thanks for Linux support


I just registered and got Champion pack and I’m using the time to download the game to send a big thanks to devs for supporting Linux.

I really appreciate the effort to break the OS monopoly and give users freedom to choose what we want in our computers.

If you’re a Linux user give me a touch so we can play and chill together.



Hey there!

Which distro do you use, if you don’t mind me asking?


hi Sarno!

I got 2 computers at home, one with vainilla Ubuntu 18.04 and the other one is oriented to music production so i got Ubuntustudio and Arch on different partitions.
both with Nvidia cards and SSD drives.

I usually play with first one but sometimes I use both when friends come to my place to play.

I try new distros from time to time (I’m sysadmin) so feel free to ask me anything Linux related.