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Text Chat

I have restarted the game 5 times
no text chat every time

Same for me (patch 0.7.10B)
The UI is enabled, the “chat enabled” button is set to on, 2x restarted.
No reaction on “RETURN”, no chat window.

I’m starting the game in 4k, no chat window
If i’m switching resolution to 1920x1080 it will appear
Now I can switch back to 4K (4k is still terrible, since GPU is 100% loaded)

Tested to start game in 1920x1080, no chat window (appears if i’m change the resolution)

same for me. kind of annyoing

It seems, i’ve catched this bug too. (Patch 0.7.10C).

A couple of hours ago i was still able to chat, then it bugged out in the well-known way: i typed something in the chat window, hit “enter” and nothing happened. I had lost contact with the chat. I logged out and back in, but now the chat window didn’t open. Pressing the assigned key doesn’t prompt any reaction from the game. (Chat is set to enabled in the settings). I’ve relogged multiple times since then, but i still wasn’t able to open a chat window.

Edit says: Because of Salendras report in this thread i tried to play around with the graphic settings (switching to windowed/windowed full screen and changing resolutions) but to no avail.

Since the launch of the game there are problems with the chat … In my case most of the time my chat does not work. This is quite annoying, particularly due to the lack of information about various things in the game. For example, I only learned that Last Steps of the Living is obtained from the boss formosus through information from other players. I already defeated him 15 times and still didn’t get the item, I don’t know what the chance, what factors can increase the chance, how many times other players had to defeat him to get it … It’s very complicated to play a game without detailed information, and having problems interacting with other players makes it all worse. I started playing again after a break of + - 6 months and I can say that there were several improvements, but the problems with the chat make me pissed; can’t really understand …

As Delayisreal said, this has been an on-going issue with chat randomly dropping people & it’s separate from being banned from chat (which doesn’t give a message but they’re working on that).