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Temporal Blight (by Abyssal Echoes) - Stackable? Description?

Hi there!

After searching for an answer to the topic question quite a while, i ended up with having… nothing :wink:

The help from you community members was so so great on my last questions, that it hope i can find my answers here.

  • Is Temporal Blight stackable? And if… what would be the maximum stack cap?
  • Did EHG forget to change the armor shred tooltip on it? (still saying -100 armor instead of -x% armor) Or does it work the old way?

Hope you guys can help me out!
Thanks in advance.

I thought that node said it wasn’t stackable? If it is stackable then there won’t be a limit, it’ll just be how many you can get in the duration (like most ailments).

Armour shred is a flat -100 per stack, it’s only resist shred that was changed to %.


Sure on that?

Yes. That post was not clear about how armour shred works.

If you have a look, I think you’ll find every single instance of armour shred refers to a flat -100 per stack, because armour is built up from a bunch of flat armour values then converted to a %. Whereas resists start off as percentages.

With this being an exception because it comes from the Vengeance tree convertion?

Damn… i found my mistake… it’s physical shred… not armor shred… o boy :confused:

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Physical shred is not armour shred. It’s shredding the physical resist.

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Ok, one more… how much armor do bosses have? :smiley:

Guess that’s a dumb question^^

It’s not a dumb question, but I have no idea. They may not have any usually like mobs generally don’t have resists unless specified.

And negative armor exists… So, what would 30 stacks of armor shred, increased by armor shred effect (270%, -> 30x 370 = 11.1100 reduced armor) in terms of more damage mean in the end? :smiley:

They use the same formula that the player uses for armour damage reduction.