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Temple of eterra and the lotus halls crash

I am running acolyte, spells are summon skeletons and golem, rip blood, spirit plague and harvest. The game crashes almost immediately after entering the temple of eterra and the lotus halls, I use an amd gpu so this is most likely a factor. If any devs are interested in the trees for passives and spell specializations as well as item load out lmk I’d be glad to share what I am able to. Otherwise this is just a line out for other experiencing similar issues within these areas.

Could you please try changing your game settings to Very Low?

Moving thread from #bug-reports:launcher-bug-reports to #technical-support.

Hi there,

I’ve primarily heard of this being an issue on AMD graphics cards, but I don’t know what card you have. In any case, we’ve just released 0.7.8f which includes a fix for crashes on AMD graphics cards.

If you’re still having crashes after the update, please provide the information listed in this support article. Thanks!