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Tempest Strike's "Upheaval and Razor Earth" not working

I am toying with Earth Spikes path and found that Razor Earth node is not working. I am supposed to get 3 Spikes but I only see one. I did not see the “straight line” of spikes. Either all the spikes occur in one place (very hard to see the damage numbers) or it’s just one spike.

Speaking about Upheaval node, is there anyway we can improve it? It says it reduces -7% Lightning Bolt and causes the Spikes to go in a straight line but when we reach that node, we still only have ONE Earth Spike so it actually does NOTHING except for reducing -7% Lightning Bolt (a penalty).

I feel Upheaval should be reducing -% Lightning Bolt but increasing Earth Spike by 5-7%. That way if we choose to stop at Upheavel, we still enjoy more Earth Spike chance.

Please look into it.

Thanks, it appears that the spikes are just appearing in one place. I’ve made a note of this internally.

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