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Tempest Strike Specialization Tree Preview

Today we’re very excited to show you a preview of Tempest Strike’s tree!

Unlike previous previews we have posted, this one works as it does in-game; you mouse-over the node you are interested in, and the information appears. You move onto the next node, and the tooltip for the previous node disappears. You can find the preview here.
Note: We are aware that there are a few typos; no need to report them. Thanks!


This is one of my favorite new skills added to the game and I’m so excited it’s getting a tree! Welp, time to floss this with a magnifying glass! :laughing:

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Not a big fan of how punished you get if you want to make only one of the effects go off lot of wasted nodes if one wants to go that route. Unless the proc X and Y nodes will work if either X or Y proc and you dont have to proc both for it to work.


I’m a bit confused by the proc nodes. They say “when both X and Y proc…” does that mean they have to proc together, or just one of those two mentioned?

Could they be worded differently, for clarity?

Already enjoyed using it without a skill tree.
So many ideas in my head already for this one (°^°)/

Hope everyone likes our new method of previewing specialization trees! :slight_smile:

I’ve updated the preview to add the root node for convenience. For logged-out users this may take several minutes to take effect due to caching (I’ve done what I can to expedite this).

@Zikkar @ReimerhArts: These effects require that both of the procs referenced are triggered by a single use of Tempest Strike. I’ll speak to the team about your feedback on this. I can’t promise that any changes made due to this feedback will be ready in time for 0.7.3.


Oh okay. Thanks for the clarification though. Maybe it should say “when both X and Y proc together" then? Just for more clear tooltips, since we were confused.

Other than that I hope this will be changed a bit in the future, to add more options for the skill, at the cost of heavier investment. As in I hope it will be “either or…” instead of “and”.

Regardless I still think the skill is gonna be interesting and fun to use without these options :smiley:

Why are you punished so hard for taking a tri skill to one. Nova doest punish at all like this to make the nova only fire or whatever one wants to. But the Primalist skill whacks you over the head with it. Now you have to spend 9 points to get it to only do lightening for example, 3 of which are wasted. Then to even get a decent chance for the lightening to even proc take 14 points and that is a bit to many points. I just feel like again Primalist gets the short stick on what could be a very cool ability.

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I feel you.

What is the reasoning for making it have a chance to proc nothing? What if it becomes more like Elemental Nova? As a base where it has an equal 33% chance to proc either of the 3 elements, but 1 of them for sure. Then you can steer it more towards a specific element with the routes.

Something like “The chance to proc X becomes more, while chance to proc Y and Z becomes less”

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Anyways, some positivity :smiley: This way of previewing spec trees is fantastic! It’s highly appreciated and is so much easier to figure out :heart:


Hm you split the summon skeleton skill up because it’s cluttered and you want to differ specific skeletons more and then you throw this at people O.o. I had to look at everything for about 15 times to understand what it does and how it works and still don’t get a meaningfull skillbuild out of it with 20 points ^^. I don’t get the philosophy neither on hand skilltrees that are to complex are a “nono” and then this. Maybe things get clearer when it goes live but only from looking at the nodes I’m not even close to get it ^^.


I was kinda thinking the same actually, but then again this isn’t as big as the Skeleton tree. Luckily.

I will echo that I got the feeling of the tree being all over the place to my earlier feedback.

If the trees are going to be like this going forward, we need more than just 20 pts. I feel like there are quite a few tree’s to be honest that could use more points to feel like a more rounded build.

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Hi , yes i like the tree skill preview , simple and efficient thank .

I would like to give some feeback for Tempest strike :

The Last node ,Perfect storm name, in the upper left side of lightning path could be named Tetra Disaster instead ? I find more bad ass as i remember this name from a Final fantasy (can’t remember well which one was) :slight_smile: Also i wish it would have a badass visual.

Like some other people think , i’m agree how much we are punished with the pathing for only have the choice to specialize in a element.

For “With the Wind node” i guess it’s better to swap this emplacement with Static.

Hailstrom node in the bottom right side of the three only have proc duration of 1s , too short ! At least 3 s would more enjoyable.

Other than that overall three seem not too bad .

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