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Tempest Strike Passive Interaction Questions

Hopefully this question hasn’t been asked. I tried searching and couldn’t find it.

I’m currently playing a tempest strike shaman in which I’m trying to maximize my proc chance for the 3 trigger spells. I have two questions about how this skill interacts with some passives.

  1. I know that the spell tag allows the skill to gain bonuses from generic spell increases but I wanted to know if the flat damages increases for spells (i.e Shattered Heavens and Storm Shaker) also applies to the skill (either the physical hit or the spell triggers)?

  2. On a related note, do passives that proc off of spell usage (Lagon’s Answer) proc off of the trigger spells of Tempest Strike? It’s hard to tell since one of the spell triggers is a lightning bolt.


My understanding is that only melee bonuses will apply to the actual strike portion of the skill and only spell bonuses will apply to the spells that proc.

I forget which of the chance to proc lightning skills are which (spell cast, melee hit, getting hit), but I know that one of them can proc just by activating Tempest Strike even when you’re not near an enemy as long as it’s not on cooldown.

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