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Teleport Passive Tree Suggestion

You have the nodes Elemental Dawn, Elemental Dusk and Element Midnight which cause an Elemental Nova to be cast when you teleport. The passive nodes are all in a row. You have to take Dawn to get to Dusk and then Dusk to get to Midnight.

Taking Elemental Dawn is somewhat of an offensive decision since you would be teleporting to enemies to deal damage to them. On the other hand, Elemental Dusk is somewhat defensive as it does damage as you are teleporting away from enemies.

What I am suggesting is that instead of a straight branch where you have to take Dawn to get Dusk, I suggest it becomes a diamond shape where you can select either Dawn or Dusk from the prior node, Elemental Affinity. It would look similar to the node cluster above it branching off of Plasma Protection.

This change would allow you to take the offensive option of Dawn, defensive option of Dusk or go for both. This would make the skill a little more versatile and also potentially open up one more passive point if you only wanted to take Dusk.

I think for the most part, people use teleport defensively so that may make people look at these nodes more closely.

Yup, that’s a good point & (IMO) a good idea.

Very Nice

Voted UP ^^

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