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Teleport bug

When you are playing a mage if you are holding down M1 to move and dont let go and get stunned. You cannot teleport until u let go of M1. It for some reason hard locks teleport. Really awkward bug. Took me a few days to even notice the cause sadly.

I’m not able to reproduce this. I’m running by continuously holding down M1, a stun symbol appears above my head and then I activate teleport (without releasing M1).

Is this still happening? There was a bug where the chat was obscuring movement which might’ve been what you saw. It was fixed in 0.7.0g, so let me know if this is still happening.

Good to know it’s fixed, sadly I haven’t been able to play for a while and can’t get on to check. Had to leave my house for a few weeks and don’t have a computer currently.

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